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Mount Evans

Gold / Aviator Green

R$ 185,00

Mile Highs

Gold / Aviator Green

R$ 185,00

Full-Protection Shades for Firefighters’ Off-Duty Needs

Real heroes do exist, and firefighters are living proof of this. What most would run from they run towards, and when many would give up they keep going. These superhumans have super needs, including sunglasses that won’t quit. When the heat is on, which shades are the right choice?

Knockaround’s best sunglasses for firefighters’ off-duty needs feature everything from cool frames to fiery lenses in our best styles. Top quality Premiums, hardcore Fast Lanes, and durable Fort Knocks are just some of the frames that have been hand selected for the men and women protecting their communities.

Two very important qualities that great sunglasses for firefighters must have are comfortable, fitted frames and polarized lenses that provide full UV400 protection. Knockaround shades are proud to produce both. Every style is suited for a particular face shape, because sometimes one size doesn’t fit all. Torrey Pines are perfect for large face shapes, while Mount Evans are the right fit for medium to smaller faces. For every unique need, we can take care of it. All of our firefighter sunglasses also feature FDA-approved impact resistant lenses, keeping those eyes safe and the shades in good shape.

Knockaround sunglasses take care of eyewear needs so that the protectors of the community can get back to doing what they do best―saving lives.

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