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Sunglasses for Round Faces

Complement the softer lines of your round face with a frame with a sharper angle and, check out our best sunglasses for round faces!
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Fast Lanes Sport


R$ 190,77

Righteous Sunglasses for Round-Shaped Faces

Round-shaped faces are usually noted for their wide cheekbones, round chin and symmetrical width-to-length ratio. Since softer features are common with round faces, angular sunglasses are perfect for adding more dimension to fresh-faced folk.

Sunglasses for round-shaped faces come in all different styles here at Knockaround, so you’ll find a pair that fits your moon-faced musings perfectly. If aviators strike your fancy, check out our Mount Evans, Mile Highs or Pacific Palisades for some timeless inspo. In case staying current is more your speed, our Fast Lanes, Fort Knocks and Torrey Pines offer plenty of stylish round-faced sunglasses to choose from, or you can always break from the norm with our glamorous cat-eye Deja Views shades too.

All the details are covered on our round-shaped face sunglasses, thanks to standard UV400 protection and FDA-approved impact-resistance on every pair of lenses. Whichever style you choose, we can’t wait to see them in action.


Round Face Sunglasses for Delightful Days

Supreme sunny days are in your future thanks to our collection of sunglasses for round-shaped faces! This specific collection includes the best frames intended to complement those of us with a more circular facial curvature. Unlike square faces, moon-shaped faces generally have wider cheekbones and a rounded chin with softer features overall. Think the standard smiley-shape come to life, but (dare we say) even more alluring and youthful.

It comes as no surprise that this face shape is usually best complemented by angular frames that break up the softer features of a round-shaped face. That’s why many of our sunglasses for round-shaped faces feature a flat brow line along with a wider profile for a full-coverage style. Our Deja Views are the one exception to this rule, since a classic pair of cat-eye sunnies looks good on just about everyone.

Whether you’re looking for metal or acetate frames, round-face owners can rejoice at a solid selection of colors, lenses and materials. Choose from aviator sunglasses for round faces like our Mile Highs, Mount Evans or Pacific Palisades if you’re in a retro mood, or stay in the now with our Torrey Pines, Fast Lanes and Fort Knocks styles. We’ve even got sport sunglasses for round faces that feature grippy rubber nose pads in case you’re prepping for an action-packed day.  

Thrilling agenda or not, our sunglasses for round-shaped faces don’t discriminate on keeping you safe. Each pair of round-faced sunglasses comes standard with lenses that are FDA-approved impact-resistant and feature full UV400 protected for whatever life (or your opponent) throws at you. Stow your new round faced sunglasses in the included protective pouch for safe keeping, and don’t forget to keep smiling.