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Mai Tais

Blueberry Geode

₡ 18.600,00

Mai Tais

Watermelon Geode

₡ 16.300,00


Pool Blue / Sunset

₡ 16.300,00

Fast Lanes

Teal Geode / Smoke

₡ 15.700,00

Many Shades of Shades: Colored Sunglasses

Add a rainbow of bright colors to your sunglass stash with Knockaround’s colored sunglasses. This collection doesn’t discriminate — it’s all about Roy G. Biv, plus some fresh, cool secondary colors. Whether for pride, to match a special outfit or costume, or to show some school spirit, these vibrant shades are sure to lift your mood. We have everything from eye-catching orange sunglasses with hot, red frames to pretty pink sunglasses that make you feel fabulous. And, just like with every Knockaround collection, there’s a pair here to suit your personality, face shape, and budget.

What’s Your Flavor? Colors for All

We have one of the best selections of blue sunglasses ever, including turquoise, aquamarine, royal blue, and blue-purple sunglasses. For the lover of the conversation accessory, we’ve got mint green and bright yellow sunglasses, plus some bold styles with colored lenses for good measure. There’s no shortage of unique colorways from which to choose. You’ll find amazing monochrome sunglasses — blue-on-blue, red-on-red, and more — plus combinations that surprise and delight. A range of frame shapes and sizes are available, so you find the perfect and most flattering fit.

Not only do our colorful sunglasses look fantastic, but they’re also designed with intent. Knockaround shades are constructed from durable, safe, and high-quality materials, including UV400 lenses that keep your eyes safe from the glaring sun. If you’re so inclined, you can order a pair of colored polarized sunglasses from our assortment to further block out glare. No matter which style you choose, you can take advantage of our 100 percent happiness guarantee and free, easy returns if you’re not totally pleased with your purchase.  

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