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Kids Premiums

Black / Green Moonshine

₡ 16.129,67

Mount Evans

Gunmetal / Green Moonshine

₡ 18.817,95


Fast Lanes Sport

Clear Grey / Green Moonshine

₡ 20.430,91


Frosted Grey / Green Moonshine

₡ 18.817,95

The Moonshine Collection: Sunglasses with Soul

If you’re in the habit of looking at the world in your own special way, then you’ll love our high-quality, stylish blue and green lens sunglasses from the Knockaround Moonshine Collection. These shades are big on capturing your personality and come in an assortment of different silhouettes and styles, but they all feature our moonshine lenses for an extra pop of color. Ideal for the beach, the boat, and any special occasion, our moonshine sunglasses pile on the personality.

We’ve designed two unique lens colors as part of the Moonshine Collection: our regular icy blue moonshine lenses and the green-tinted green moonshine lenses. Both are reflective, vibrant, and easy to style. These unique yet timeless sunglasses come in a multitude of frame shapes and colorways, from always-stylish Classics to cool wire-rimmed Mile Highs that exude authoritative style.

As always, these Knockaround sunglasses are built for long-term wear and performance, with durable frames and impact-resistant lenses. The FDA approved lenses provide UV400 protection to shield your eyes from damaging UV rays, and you can always order your shades with polarized lenses to block out some extra glare.

More Lens Colors to Explore
Not keen on the blue or green lenses? Knockaround offers a wide variety of good-looking, unisex sunglasses in an assortment of eye-catching lens colors. These shades are equally as durable as any other pair but feature bold, bright lenses in red, yellow, purple, smoke, amber, and other statement-making colors. You can also design your own sunglasses and choose from more than 20 unique lens colors as well as polarized lens options.

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