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Make the most of your day outdoors with reduced glare and increased clarity.



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Sunglasses with Silver Metal Frame and Polarized Lilac Lenses, Front Sunglasses with Silver Metal Frame and Polarized Lilac Lenses, Flyover
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Mile Highs

Vintage Violet

₡ 19.300,00


Polarized Sunglasses

Look at the bright side — literally. Our polarized sunglasses are made for sun-soaked scenes. A perfect union between fashion and function, these polarized lens sunglasses come in all your favorite Knockaround frame shapes and colors and feature high-quality, polarized lenses that provide added protection for your eyes. The best part: all Knockaround sunglasses — polarized or not — are affordable yet extremely durable and effortlessly stylish. Basically, we’re pretty confident they’ll become your new go-to polarized shades.

Your sunglasses say something about your personality, so what does it say when you pick polarized shades from Knockaround? Knockaround polarized sunglasses are designed to eliminate tired eyes caused by constant glare, so they’re a staple for anyone who spends countless hours working and playing outdoors. Plus, they enhance your vision-clarity and provide a more genuine color rendering. In other words, Knockaround polarized sunglasses help you see the world through a true-blue lens (or whatever lens color you prefer) with minimal distortion.

Knockaround polarized sunglasses are available in a huge assortment across all our frame styles, including Premiums, Fast Lanes, Mai Tais, Fort Knocks, Mile Highs and Classics. The best part about these sweet, protective polarized shades is that they can be tailored to your personal taste with endless frame and lens color combinations. Create your own unconventional design in our CUSTOM Shop or roll with one of our best-selling classic colorways (for all you black on black or tortoise shell fans). It’s all up to you. No matter which style you choose, you can count on high-quality, affordable polarized lens sunglasses and awesome customer service at And don’t forget to take advantage of free shipping on qualifying orders.