About Knockaround

Knockaround was founded in 2005 by Adam “Ace” Moyer, during his time as a graduate art student at University of California, San Diego. Merging the classic East Coast prep style of his Virginia upbringing, his interest in design and fashion, and a newfound love for the perpetually sunny, laid-back lifestyle of Southern California, Ace created a company centered around a sunglasses line that was simultaneously practical and stylish.

The ensuing years have brought lots of exciting developments and growth, and this basic sunglasses line has expanded to include new models, a huge variety of color choices, and other accessories, such as belts and duffel bags.

For collectors and unique eyewear connoisseurs, the ongoing Limited Edition sunglasses series offers a chance to own Knockarounds produced in small quantities, with rare colorways, special detailing and packaging, and themed companion objects.

And with the introduction of the Custom shop, Knockaround’s ever-growing fan base can create their own unique sunglasses.

Over the years, Knockaround has collaborated with a wide variety of people and companies—from Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, to POW! WOW!, to Illest, to Benny Gold, to a bunch of local elementary school kids! These frequent collaborations with designers, artists, and companies make for great new product possibilities, and the constant exchange of new ideas helps ensure that every day, Knockaround is flying high.

As Knockaround’s alliances and fan base have grown, the company has been featured in an increasing number of well-known media outlets, such as GQ , Hypebeast, US Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Complex Magazine, and The Today Show. The word is out, and every day more and more people are seen sporting a pair of classically-styled, affordable Knockaround sunglasses—even celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Natalie Portman, Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Alba, and Ashton Kutcher!

What began as a tiny operation in Ace’s art studio has since outgrown two warehouse spaces, and is going strong at its new headquarters in downtown San Diego, just a short walk from the ballpark.

So stay tuned, and as they say at Knockaround, “Look at the bright side!”



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