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Knockaround: The Original, Affordable Sunglasses Company

Let us introduce you to Knockaround sunglasses (if you’re already a diehard Knock Fan, indulge us for a second): these aren’t your basic shades. These are Knockarounds, which means that they are durable, sleek, and affordable, with no compromise. And perhaps the most important part of this trifecta—at least for those of you who love looking cool twenty-four seven—is the fact that these shades are pretty darn stylish. Our sunglasses come in an endless variety of timeless, unisex styles, colors, and shapes to suit whatever vibe you’re going for.

Great Shades Made for Durability
Not only are Knockaround sunglasses good-looking, but they’re also made for durability and performance. No matter which pair you choose, you can count on impact resistant lenses that’ll stay in the game regardless of what kind of shenanigans you’re getting yourself into. Our shades are equipped with sweet features like UV400 protection to protect your eyes from the sun, and most sunglasses come with optional polarized lenses to keep the glare out of your way. That makes them spot-on for work, play, sports, and high speeds. Basically, every pair goes from laid-back to amped-up with zero downtime.

While all of our sunglasses are available in a huge variety of frame and lens colors, our various collections have their own special vibe. For example, our Fast Lanes are made for the speed demon while our Mai Tais are perfectly suited for those who enjoy a lounge session, poolside. Our Classics, Premiums, and Fort Knocks frame styles are perfect for those looking for a timeless and classic pair of sunglasses. So, make sure to check out all of our best-selling collections to find a pair of shades that fits your look and style. Or even better, grab a pair of sunglasses for any occasion, mood, or day of the week.



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