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Blending vintage east-coast intellect and timeless west-coast cool, the Brooklines offer an iconic silhouette that works for socialites and surfers alike.

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Go Coast to Coast with the Brooklines

Projecting sophistication with their wire frame details and shiny accents, our Brooklines retro sunglasses are here to masterfully set the tone. This daring mashup of classic style and leisurely meandering embodies a new vision for modern sunglasses, and that’s worth getting excited about. Take a gander at the scene before you in your fashion forward Brooklines sunglasses and know you’re always looking hip.

The molded brow on our Brooklines sunglasses shamelessly accents your best features, while glossy frames allow you to transfer seamlessly from the boardroom to the beach at a moment’s notice. Classic colorways indicative of yesteryear make this pair of brow line sunglasses impossible to overlook when you’re on the hunt for chic adornments. Stylish sunglasses complete with cushy clear nose pads mean they’ll stay in place for sharp coffee dates and raucous vacays alike. And it’s hard to forget about the glitzy gold details, both in way of structure and hardware, that make it clear you’re here to play in your latest Knockaround sunglasses.

Having a precise presentation is always important for first impressions, but our Brooklines sunglasses aim to impress with their functionality as well. UV400 protection and FDA certified impact resistance are mainstays on these stylish sunglasses as with every other pair of shades we offer. In this case, our Brooklines shades also offer polarized protection for all those outdoor excursions that require vivid detail and color sans glare. Stow your retro-inspired sunglasses in their included protective pouch at sunset and let the night carry you away to the next trendy event on your agenda.