Shark Attack

Shark Attack


The Knockaround team visited a group of 5th and 6th-graders at a local elementary school; each student was asked to design their own special pair of Knockaround Premiums.  We were pleased to announce the Shark Attack Limited Edition Premiums, created by 6th-grader, Sebastian, as the winning design.  Each pair features his fantastic shark-tooth frame design, with Red Sunset lenses, and comes with a toy shark.  And the best part is that for each pair sold, $5 will go to funding the purchase of art supplies at Sebastian's school!  Be sure to snap up a pair fast, because only 200 are available.

    •    Edition of 200
    •    FDA approved impact resistant lenses
    •    Shark teeth frame
    •    Red Sunset lenses
    •    Hand-numbered edition card
    •    $5 donation to the art department at Sebastian's school


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