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Fast Lanes

Granite Tortoise Shell / Silver Smoke



Frosted Grey / Red Sunset



Frosted Grey / Moonshine



Frosted Grey / Green Moonshine


Ice Grey Sunglasses with Bold Lenses

There may be 50 shades, but as far as we’re concerned, ours is the only one that matters. The Knockaround Grey Collection is jam-packed with grey-framed shades that take the cake. Featuring our always popular frosted grey frames, these sunglasses offer a cool, icy look bolstered by the amazing versatility of grey. And, while Knockaround sunglasses are designed to be timeless, sophisticated, and of premium quality, these frames are fashion-forward and up-to-date, so you’ll feel like a million bucks when they’re in play.

One of the things we love about this frame option is that it looks quite good with a range of different lens colors. We love the simple, straightforward look of grey frames paired with black smoke lenses — and indeed, these are some of our most universal shades — but there’s something to be said about crisp grey paired with brightly colored lenses, too. Shop our grey frame tinted sunglasses in red sunset, moonshine, green moonshine, or sunset lenses for a pop of vibrant color and personality. You can also order your frosted grey frames with polarized lenses.

Styles for Everyone, No Exceptions

The beauty of Knockaround sunglasses is that they’re designed for universality. Every pair is unisex, universal, and designed to look great on every face shape. Whether you go with a pair of stylish, round Mai Tais or some bold, angular Fast Lanes, you’ll find that our sunglasses complement and flatter. Knockaround shades are also made with premium quality materials, including impact resistant lenses that offer UV400 protection to keep your eyes safe from the harsh effects of the sun. Despite this, they’re designed to sit nicely in the budgetary sweet spot, so you can grab multiples for every occasion and look.

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