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Sunglasses for Diamond-Shaped Faces

Dazzling shades that are sure to leave an impression. Shop our collection of sunglasses that are best suited for your diamond-shaped face.
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Show Off Your Brilliance with Sunglasses for Diamond Faces

Vivid and versatile, diamond-shaped faces are most known for their wide cheekbones, narrow foreheads and pointed chins. Our collection of sunglasses for diamond-shaped faces encompasses every frame style that’s sure to flatter both inner and outer radiance, and that means copious choices to choose from! Compared to some other face shapes, sunglasses for diamond-shaped faces are aplenty.

When angular accents match your mood, don’t miss our Songbirds, Fast Lanes, Mount Evans, Brightsides, Torrey Pines and Pacific Palisades diamond face sunglasses. For anyone looking to embrace smooth curves & linework, our Deja Views, Mile Highs, Fort Knocks and Classics will have just what you’re looking for in a variety of colors.

No need to compare specs on our diamond face shape sunglasses, since every pair of shades is outfitted with FDA-certified impact resistance and UV400 protection for maximum sunshine time. Don’t forget to show off that prismatic pop in our review section when you get a chance.


Distinguished Sunglasses for Diamond-Shaped Faces

Shining bright is your birthright when you’ve got a diamond face shape, but protection is essential once you enter the sun’s domain. That’s why our collection of sunglasses for diamond-shaped faces is perfectly curated for dazzling dynamos like you so your sparkle never stops. Defined by a narrow forehead, pointed chin and wide cheekbones, diamond face shape sunglasses are going to cover a good portion of your face, so picking your favorites is important!

As with oval faces, sunglasses for diamond-shaped faces have a wide range of styles that complement your overall facial structure. On the sunny side, you’ve got a ton of options to choose from. On the flipside, sometimes that makes your decision even tougher, but we totally won’t blame you if you get two (or three) sunglasses for diamond faces just in case. There’s a reason we’ve put our diamond face shape sunnies into a collection, after all.

For a more rectangular accent to your face, check out our Fast Lanes, Songbirds, Brightsides, Mount Evans, Pacific Palisades and Torrey Pines styles to find your top linear lens options. Seekers of rounded diamond face sunglasses should look no further than our Mile Highs, Classics, Deja views, and Fort Knocks styles for smooth curves all the way. Better yet, pick one from both and see which one suits your look the best!

Style is the only attribute to be concerned about with these diamond-shaped face sunglasses, since every pair comes complete with FDA-certified impact resistance and UV400 protection for extended fun in the sun. With blinding beauty and stunning diamond face sunglasses, there’s truly nothing you can’t accomplish.