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Sunglasses for Rectangular Faces

Shop sunglasses perfect for your rectangular-shaped face! Our collection of classic and wide frames will best complement your longer face.
SPORT Sunglasses with Cubic Pattern Frames and Polarized Green Lenses, Front Sunglasses with Cubic Pattern Frames and Polarized Green Lenses, Flyover
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Torrey Pines Sport



Rectangular Face Sunglasses for Symmetrical Style

Rectangular-shaped faces are evident thanks to their longer length, symmetrical face width, high forehead and squared jaw shape. If these characteristics fit your description, you may be wondering what makes a good pair of sunglasses for rectangular-shaped faces. Many of the frames in our rectangular face shape collection consist of boxy designs, and some of them run straight across the brow line to further highlight the facial contours that set you apart!

Straight brow line sunglasses for rectangular faces include our Torrey Pines, Brightsides, Fast Lanes and Pacific Palisades. In case you want a softer shape, our Classics, Songbirds, Fort Knocks and Premiums shades offer further diversity for your picking & choosing.

There’s no need to sweat the small stuff since all of our sunglasses for rectangular-shaped faces come standard with UV400 protection and FDA-approved impact resistance. Don’t forget to store your shades in the handy pouch when they’re not in use and keep ‘em nearby for your next easygoing excursion.


Even Out Your Vibe with Ritzy Sunglasses for Rectangular Faces

Peruse our selection of sunglasses for rectangular-shaped faces and let long face jokes fade into the past! Those of us blessed with a rectangular face shape are most recognizable thanks to a higher forehead, symmetrical face width throughout and a squared jaw shape. There’s something inviting about the even width of a proud rectangular face, and it’s our job to play up those fantastic features.

Even though we totally believe in your ability to rock any shades you please, there are certain sunglasses for rectangular faces that’ll totally take your look to the next level. You’ll usually be able to pick out these rectangular face sunglasses from their straightforward look – most of them are continuous across the brow line with a modern look that could best be described as tried & true.

For a reliably attractive look every time, our sharp sunglasses for rectangular faces include our Fast Lanes, Torrey Pines, Brightsides, and Pacific Palisades collections. In contrast, our Songbirds, Premiums, Classics and Fort Knocks offer a bit more subtle rounding when taking it easy on your downtime is the ultimate goal.

You can leave the details to us while you’re busy deciding which rectangular face shape sunglasses fit your specific style. Every pair of shades we sell comes standard with UV400 protection as well as FDA-certified impact resistance. These sunglasses for rectangular-shaped faces are meant to stand the test of time (not to mention rigorous adventures), and you’ll see that for yourself once your favorite pair is in your possession. Now pop on your shades, take a killer selfie and share your tall-faced charm with the rest of us!