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White Sunglasses

Sk8er Kids Premiums Kids Sunglasses with glossy Fronts and Checkerboard Arms with Polarized Black Smoke Lenses, Flyover
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Kids Premiums



Heavenly White Sunglasses for Daring Icons

Like confident white outfits at the beginning of spring, white sunglasses are here to make a statement. That’s why our white sunglasses collection includes both white accent sunglasses and frosty frames for a vibe that’ll match any season or style.

Our clear jelly Premiums are still our best take on classic white sunglasses, while various printed styles like our Fast Lanes don’t shy away from lively white accents. Bonus fun in the sun can’t be discounted,
and that’s why our white kids sunglasses change from a frosty white to various
pastel shades when exposed to UV rays! Even further, the white sport sunglasses
in this collection offer the added benefit of super grippy nose pads when playing hard is totally imperative.

Whether you seek white kids sunglasses or a standard pair of white shades, we’ve done the hard work for you. UV400 protection and FDA-certified impact resistance comes standard on every pair of lenses. Now slap on some SPF and go make some meaningful memories!


Highlight Your Perception with Whimsical White Sunglasses

White is the transcendental color of foam washing ashore, serene moonlit nights and glowing garden heliotropes. As a result of all of these inspirational images, it felt like a no brainer to create our white sunglasses collection. We may not measure up to these natural wonders, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Just like its iterations in nature, our collection of white sunglasses knows how to embrace versatility. While patterns certainly have their perks, our go-to white sunglasses are fully frosted with bright purple lenses. This not-so-subtle change offers a new look to our favorite accessory
that started out as dark and mysterious. And just so no one’s left out, we’ve included our nifty white kids sunglasses in the collection for good measure.

We don’t mean to brag, but our white kids sunglasses are seriously stellar. Both frosty pairs are UV reactive, and these white
sunglasses actually change color when they’re exposed to sunlight! On the grown-up side of things, our Fast Lanes and Premiums white sunglasses look chic and
offer serious color to boot. Plus, every adult pair doubles as white sport sunglasses for extra durability. Trust us, you won’t realize how much you need the grippy nose pads until it matters!

Regardless of age range or style, every pair of our white sunglasses comes standard with UV400 protection, as well as impact resistance, for enhanced security against the sun’s rays. We won’t blame you if admiring the above natural treasures requires the removal of your white sunglasses, but maybe keep them on you in case the dance floor calls your name.