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The Knock Squad goes way beyond sunglasses. Sure, these are the folks who always have a spare pair for a friend in need, but what really makes this squad solid is the way they spread the “look at the bright side” mindset. They lift others up. They radiate positivity. They own their quirkiness and encourage others to be themselves, no matter their background or experience. If this sounds like you, help us spread good vibes!



Who is a Knock Squad Ambassador?
  • You always look on the bright side.
  • You're a glass half full kind of person.
  • You're adventurous, active, and curious.
  • You're genuine, authentic, and creative.
    • You dig our shades and never leave the house without them!
    • You’re a social whiz and Instagram expert with a public account.
    • You love to have unabashed fun on social and to share your experiences with others.
    • You have an eye for content and capturing the moment.
      As a Knock Squad Ambassador, you'll receive...
      • A welcome kit full of awesome Knockaround gear and shades (of course)
      • Early access to new collections and product launches
      • Personal and shareable discount code
      • Special opportunities to participate in virtual (and eventually in-person!) Knockaround events
      Think you're absolutely made to be in the Knock Squad? Fill out the application below!




      Submissions are closed for now, but stay tuned for more news on the Knock Squad!