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15 Best Gifts Under $30 for Her

15 Cool Gifts Under $30 for Her

December 9, 2019

Look, sometimes money’s tight. It happens. But that doesn’t mean you have to drop the ball when it comes to giving gifts to the special ladies in your life. We compiled a list of the 15 best gifts under $30 for your girlfriend, wife, mom, sister, or whichever female in your life that deserves a little spoiling.


1. Tea Forté Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

Tea is one of those gifts that will always be appreciated. Why? It’s practical, it’s yummy, and it’s comforting. This $15 sampler pack from Amazon comes with five varieties of teas including Chocolate Rose, Blood Orange, Peach Bruleé, Black Cherry, and Caramel Nougat. Not only is this gift super affordable, but the tea is top-notch.

Tea Forté Loose Leaf Tea Sampler
Photo credit: Amazon

2. TOPOKO Infuser Glass Water Bottle

Speaking of tea, for just $12.99 on Amazon, you can give her this water bottle made with borosilicated glass which can hold both hot and cold liquids. There is also a built-in infuser for steeping tea leaves, making fruit infused water, or even cold brew coffee. It also comes with a cute nylon protective sleeve with carrying handle.

TOPOKO Infuser Glass Water Bottle
Photo credit: Amazon

3. Beach Peach Classics

A classic frame style with popping colors, these Beach Peach Classics sunglasses are the perfect gift for a killer price—just $28. Ideal for the beach lover in your life. Score a pair here.

Frosted Rose Quartz Knockaround Premium Sunglasses

4. Skin Renewing Masks

It’s pretty much a known fact that women love skin treatments—and these skin masks from Uncommon Goods are amazing. They offer two kits, “Glow” and “Charcoal Detox,” with ingredients to make fifteen face masks each. They’re just $25 and they come in these adorable capsules that are just pretty to look at.

Skin Renewing Masks
Photo credit: Uncommon Goods

5. Agate Coasters

You might be thinking, “Coasters? Really?”, but these aren’t your ordinary coasters. They’re made out of real freaking agate and they’re gorgeous. Anthropologie offers them in six different colors and they’re only $14 each (you should probably at least gift two of them). The brass plating is a super cute accent.

Agate Coasters
Photo credit: Anthropologie

6. Wreck This Journal

This is honestly one of the coolest journals ever and would make a great gift. The whole entire concept is to let off steam. Basically, there are prompts throughout the journal that encourage you to poke through pages, attach photos then deface them, and even submerge the journal in water. It’s fun, creative, and you can get it on Amazon for $10.69.

Wreck This Journal
Photo credit: Amazon

7. Seed Starter Kit

This cutesy seed starter kit from Amazon is just $29.99 and is the gift that keeps on giving. Whoever you gift this to can grow their own herbs without water. The kit comes with mint, cinnamon basil, and lemon balm. They smell awesome and can be used in cocktails and for cooking. 

Seed Starter Kit
Photo credit: Amazon

8. Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

Not only is this a Bluetooth speaker but it’s a super cool soft light bedside lamp. It’s dimmable and can change six different colors with a simple touch. It’s perfect for listening to music or audiobooks. Buy it on Amazon for $25.99.

Night Light Bluetooth Speaker
Photo credit: Amazon

9. Letterboard

Cute home decor pieces are also another winner when it comes to gifts for women. This fun letterboard from Target comes in six different colors and has hangers so it’s easy to mount on the wall. It includes 180 letters and 47 numbers to display reminders, quotes, or lyrics. And the best part? It’s just $14.99.

Photo credit: Target

10. Glossy Tortoise Shell / Amber Classics

Tortoise shell is always in style. Always. Especially when it comes to sunglasses. For just $28, you can give someone these classy frames with amber lenses. They’re stylish, durable, and can be purchased here.

Knockaround Glossy Tortoise Shell Mai Tais

11. Natural Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

What makes these candle holders so cool is that they serve two purposes—one, they’re really pretty, and two, they emit negative ions that combat electromagnetic radiation creating a more restful atmosphere. Made with Himalayan salt crystals formed millions of years ago, this fun gift costs just $8.99 for a two-pack on Amazon.

Natural Himalayan Salt Candle Holders
Photo credit: Amazon

12. Bubble List

There really isn’t anything more satisfying than popping bubble wrap—okay, maybe bubble wrap and crushing your goals. This great gift is perfect for the go-getter you know who loves lists. Whether it’s a normal to-do list, training for a marathon, or writing out a bucket list, every time they accomplish a goal, they get to pop a bubble. Talk about motivation! Buy it at Uncommon Goods for only $6.99.

Bubble List
Photo credit: Uncommon Good

13. Map Cork Board

Is the woman you’re shopping for an avid traveler? If so, she’ll absolutely freak out over this awesome gift. This map of the world is made of corkboard so they can pin places they’ve been, put notes near places they hope to go, and hang pictures of their favorite destinations. It’s only $20.99 at

Map Cork Board
Photo credit: Target

14. Tree Branch Hairpins

These hairpins are festive AF and they’re almost too cute to handle. The set is just $8.99 on Amazon and comes with three pins—one large and two smaller. They make updos look super elegant with almost no effort whatsoever. Whoever is on the receiving end of this gift is going to be in love.

Tree Branch Hairpins
Photo credit: Amazon

15. 2-in-1 Cell Phone Lens with Flash

They might have the latest iPhone or Galaxy with a rad camera but without a wide-angle lens, your selfie-taking friend’s photos really haven’t reached their potential. Get them this wide-angle lens that attaches to their phone so they can take epic photos like a pro. It also comes with an LED “beauty light” for those flawless Insta-photos. Find it on Amazon for $16.99.

2-in-1 Cell Phone Lens with Flash
Photo credit: Amazon
Written by Ashley Brewer for Knockaorund. 

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