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What Brand Of Sunglasses Is Joel Dahmen Wearing?

February 15, 2024

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Pro golfer Joel Dahmen could wear any kind of golf sunglasses in the world. He chooses Knockarounds. Why? Let’s look at who makes Joel Dahmen’s sunglasses and which pair of sports shades the PGA star wears while he’s going up against some of the world’s best golfers.


Why would a high-profile guy who has earned $10 million and counting choose such an affordable sunglasses brand? For one, a quality that performs well beyond its price tag. Knockarounds have high-performance features that other brands charge exorbitant prices for. But there’s no need to spend a fortune on high-quality sports sunglasses. That kind of regular-guy practicality fits with exactly who Joel is at his core. They call him “The People’s Golfer” for good reasons. 

Donning his trademark bucket hat, Joel’s always happy to sign an autograph, always ready with a funny line, and never shy about enjoying the occasional cocktail. He continues the Ryan Palmer tradition of tossing cash-filled t-shirts to crowds, along with a cheeky note reading, “Enjoy a cold one on me.” Despite 22 Top 10 finishes, Dahmen famously quipped, “Someone’s got to be the 70th player in the world, might as well be me.” He ranks higher, but you won’t catch Joel Dahmen bragging about it.

A cancer survivor, Joel also helps children with cancer through his charitable Dahmen Family Foundation. Created with his wife, Lona, the organization benefits young patients and their families in need. Plus, the foundation supports local golf communities that embody the values Joel grew up with in a small town in Washington State.



Moonshot Flight Paths. Even on long drives, Joel’s not shooting for the stars. But he sure looks as if he could with these future-focused shades. With no worry that his sunglasses will slip off on the follow-throughs. Not with rubberized nose and ear grips, along with adjustable no-slip arms, which make sure these shades stay secure in the heat of any competition. 

What’s Joel’s view while wearing Moonshots? A much greener world. With a color-enhancing filter, these shades make greens really pop, bringing a vibrancy to the golf course that ordinary sunglasses can’t match. Moonshots are also purposefully non-polarized, allowing for greater depth perception. While polarized glasses are great for reducing glare in a variety of outdoor situations, they’re usually not the go-to glasses for serious golfers. Polarized lenses can impede the precise gauging of the contours of the course.


Knockterra™ Lens Tech plays a crucial role in the sunglasses Joel wears. Here’s how:

  • Rain. It’s part of the job: PGA Tour golfers play through rain all the time. As long as there’s no lighting or deluges pouring down, they’re out there facing whatever the weather throws at them. And that often means water on glasses that could cause a problem. But not with a hydrophobic coating. This specialty application on Knockaround Moonshots prevents water from spreading on the lenses, instead whisking away and leaving the field of vision clear.
  • Oil. Touch your sunglasses, and you’re apt to leave a smudge. Which can be a big deal if you’re lining up a crucial shot. That’s when an oleophobic coating comes in, breaking down oil that collects on the lens surface. It stops oil from fusing to the lens and makes the sunglasses easier to clean.
  • Impact resistance. The fact that Knockarounds have FDA-approved impact-resistant lenses sounds great. But what does it mean? It means that lenses pass a rigorous impact test set out by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Known as the “Ball Drop Test,” lenses need to hold up against the force of a steel ball dropping onto the center of the lens surface. Knockaround shades can stand up to more than you’ll encounter on the golf course!

Joel also relies on the color-enhancing power of Knockterra+™ Lens Tech. This proprietary filter brings vibrancy and intensity to the color green, creating a level of contrast that offers an edge in high-level competition. But you don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy a greener world with these amazing Knockarounds!



They flew somewhat under the radar for years. Joel Dahmen and his caddy, Geno Bonnalie, steadily working away on the PGA Tour. Then came Netflix. With a spotlight episode of the docu-series Full Swing, the two longtime friends cemented their spot as the PGA’s most beloved caddie-player duo. Viewers couldn’t get enough of Geno as the ever-optimistic yin to Joel’s grounded yang. Prompting a return on the show’s second season in 2024. 

What makes these two so popular? Joel’s self-deprecating humor showed us he’s one of the funniest players in golf. A self-described “Waffle House Connoisseur,” Geno’s embrace of his multiple roles as a cheerleader, a therapist, a motivational guru, and an unflappable best friend is inspiring. A fantastic golfer in his own right, Geno once beat Joel. He framed the winning scorecard and tweeted it out for all to see. 

The once-boyhood pals are certified stars. Joel’s now getting more publicity than ever, and Geno is signing more autographs than some big-name golfers. 

 And now they both wear Knockarounds.

Torrey Pines Sunglasses


Moonshot Torrey Pines. These action-ready shades have all the features Joel relies on during competition. Knockterra+™ Lens Tech means oil-resistant, water-resistant, and anti-fog lens coatings, as well as a color-enhancing filter. The non-polarized moonshine lenses offer UV400 protection and FDA-approved impact resistance. 

Geno also loves to rock the Torrey Pines Sport. Of course, the most colorful caddy in golf likes to switch up his style! Genos’ sleek pair of Jelly Black Sky Blue Torrey Pines delivers extra-wide lens coverage that’s as stylish as it is functional. These popular unisex shades have polarized sky blue lenses that are seated comfortably in durable glossy black frames with metal spring hinges that are built to last. 

Shouldn’t your sport sunglasses have the same quality and style that the pros enjoy? Whether you’re looking for golf shades or an affordable sunglasses brand for any sport, look to Knockaround. 

Written for Knockaround by William McCleary

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