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Top 10 Online Workouts

May 18, 2021

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From awesome exercise websites to great workout apps, let’s take a look at your best virtual fitness options.

Obé for Live Streaming Sessions

For live classes, it's hard to beat Obé and its roster of 22 live classes each day (and night). But Obé also scores points for on-demand classes, with a library of over 5,000 classes to choose from. From yoga and dance to strength training and HIIT (high-intensity interval training), if there's a type of workout you like you'll almost certainly find it here. While classes vary in length, some just five minutes long, Obé's 28-minute classes are the most popular choices. Memberships cost $27 per month or $199 annually.


Hit the Beach With Tone It Up

Coming to you from a beach in California, the Tone it Up team has been posting fitness instruction on YouTube for over a decade. In that time they've amassed a huge number of videos, everything from prenatal workouts and HIIT to bodyweight exercises and total body workouts. Plus you'll find more relaxing videos such as guided meditations, motivational stories, and healthy eating tips. Best of all, it's all free!


Peloton Without the Bike

You're probably aware of Peloton's at-home spin classes. And you probably also know that a Peloton Bike will run you about two thousand dollars. But did you know that you can do Peloton workouts without the expensive bike? You sure can! The Peloton app has lots of instructor-led workouts that range from yoga and stretching to strength training and meditation. It's free to try for 30 days and then costs $12.99 a month to continue.


Nike Training Club

With the name Nike behind it, you might expect to pay a lot for online workouts. But no, the Nike Training Club app offers about 200 free workouts, mostly focused on strength training. The sessions range from five to 60 minutes long, categorized by intensity and fitness level. Choose a reps-based or time-based format, or mix it up with CrossFit style training. While there is a lot to keep you busy with the free version, there is a paid plan that gives you access to trainer-designed programs for $14.99 a month.


Dance With the Sculpt Society

If you want some dance moves with your workouts then the Sculpt Society may have the online classes you're looking for. Founder Megan Roup takes you through energetic dance-centric sessions, often using small weights, designed to give you a sculpted physique. Ranging from five to 50 minutes, classes cover cardio, strength, and yoga. There's a 14-day free trial and then it's $19.99 per month. You can also check out some Sculpt Society workouts on their Instagram page, which offers one free workout every week.


Neou Fitness for Newbies

If starting, and sticking to, a workout regimen has been an issue for you, Neou Fitness may be a good option. The app comes with tracking tools that keep tabs on your progress, weekly goals, and even offer gentle reminders when you've been slacking off. Neou has both live and on-demand workouts, covering dance, strength, and Pilates training, as well as kickboxing, yoga, and meditation. Monthly memberships cost $12.99 or you can pay $59.99 annually.


Glo to Get Your Yoga On

With more than 4,000 on-demand classes, Glo is almost sure to have some yoga sessions you'll like. From beginner to advanced, spanning over a dozen different yoga styles, plus Pilates and meditation courses, Glo's got you covered. They also stream from three to five live classes every weekday. Start with a free 15-day trial and if you like it, move up to the $18 per-month plan, or $162 annually.


Daily Burn Keeps Things Fresh

As you can probably guess by the first part of the name, Daily Burn has new live-streaming workouts every day. And they're also available on-demand if you miss them live, more than 1,000 videos. And as the second part of the app's name suggests, the workouts do bring the burn, cardio-heavy sessions sure to get you sweating. And it's got a tracking tool to monitor your progress. Try it free for 30 days and then go with the $20 per month plan.


Barre3 for a Well-Rounded Workout

What's Barre? It's a workout that combines cardio, strength training, and mindfulness, designed to bring balance between body and mind. Workouts include holds and small movements designed to target muscles, and then more rapid movement to get your heart going. Barre3 has hundreds of on-demand workouts, ranging from ten to 60 minutes, with scheduling and progress-tracking features. After a 15-day free trial, you can join for $25 a month.

PopSUGAR for Free Fitness

Posting fitness videos on YouTube since 2010, PopSUGAR is a great free option for diverse online workouts. You'll find sessions of different lengths, with different instructors, and different exercise types that include strength training, cardio workouts, HIIT, yoga, and barre, to name a few. The YouTube channel also has daily live-streamed workouts.

So download a fitness app, check out the best workout websites—you no longer have to join a gym to stay in shape!

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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