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A Taste of Unique Pizza in LA

January 10, 2022

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There’s pizza in Los Angeles unlike any you’ll find in any other town. From eclectic mashups to international influences, LA pizza is as unique as the people who call Los Angeles home.


A Golden Tradition in Koreatown

Any mention of Koreatown Pizza must pay homage to the original Mr. Pizza. The now-shuttered Mr. Pizza in Koreatown was famous for its bizarre mashups, notably their sweet-potato-crust Potato Gold pizza with corn, bacon, ground beef, potato wedges, and nacho chips. Today, Koreatown Pizza keeps the tradition alive with their own nearly identical version of the Potato Gold, adding mayonnaise and mushrooms.


Brazilian-Style Pies at Sampa's Pizza

For a taste of Brazil head over to one of Sampa's Pizza's two locations, in Marina del Rey and Lomita. Chef Marcus Roberto, a São Paulo native, crafts pies that capture the flavors of his hometown. How about the Calabresa with Portuguese pork sausage and Kalamata olives? Maybe the Rio de Janeiro pie topped with creamy requeijão cheese? Or perhaps you'll order the corn-topped São Paulo pizza.


Say Hello to Korean Pizza!

Hello Pizza in La Cañada infuses the Italian classic with delectable Korean flavors atop pies made with thin sweet potato mousse crust. Treat yourself to a kimchi pizza topped by traditional fermented spiced cabbage. Or go with some beloved Korean barbecue on your pizza. A favorite is the Bulgogi Gold, a pizza with thin slices of marinated beef bulgogi and bell peppers. Perhaps all best enjoyed with the Hite Korean beer they serve.


Mac and Cheese Masterpieces

Combining two of America's most loved comfort foods is a stroke of pure genius. And we can thank Pizzanista! in the Arts District for making this dream pizza a reality. Their Macaroni and Cheese pizzas are only available on Sundays, made with dough that starts with 200-year-old sourdough cultures brought to California from Naples. You can get it by the slice or by the pie, and in regular and vegan varieties.


A Little Bit of Lebanon

Taking the flatbread that's a staple in Lebanese cuisine and applying it to pizza, Westwood's Sunnin Bakery brings Middle Eastern flair to their pies, topped with delights such as za’atar herbs. Enjoy a taste of spicy fermented sujuk sausage on your pizza. Perhaps go shakshuka style with poached eggs and bell peppers. Or maybe the Mouhamarah calls, with spiced pepper paste, pomegranate molasses, and walnuts commingling in a medley of flavors.


A Different Kind of Pumpkin Pie

With five locations across LA, Lucifers has success that seems to prove its motto of "damned good pizza." And they can probably credit some of their popularity to their iconic Roast Pumpkin and Prosciutto pizza. But no shade on their Greek Lamb and Rosemary pie with Kalamata olives. Or their five-alarm Ringburner with jalapeños, black pepper, bell pepper, and a sprinkle of chili flakes.


Sweden by the Slice

Do you like to devour your pizza like a voracious Viking? Then Viking Pizza and Kabob in Glendale may be the place for you. Specializing in Swedish-style thin-crust pizzas, the pizzeria offers creations such as the Vallhalla with grilled beef, feta cheese, and a Nordic-style rucola salad atop. Plus, their Viking pizza topped with kabob, pepperoncini, and cucumbers. But Viking Pizza expands beyond Sweden's shores with a Mexican-style pie with jalapeños and salsa, and La Maffia pizza with eggs and onions.


Who's Up for Saucy Fungi?

No, Pizza of Venice is not in Venice Beach. It was, but they moved to Altadena. Where you can get some truly eclectic pies, such as the mixed-mushroom Saucy Fungi pie with caramelized onions and goat cheese. The Pesto Chango has spinach-basil pesto topped by pine nuts and a drizzle of chive oil. Maybe order a Curry Chicken pizza with serrano peppers and cilantro. And the California Dreamin'? That's basically a big salad atop a pizza crust.


Slices to Start the Day

Who says pizza for breakfast is a bad idea? Anyone who has probably hasn't tried the bacon and eggs pizza at Midici in Sherman Oaks. No tangy red sauce here, this Neapolitan-dough pie has mozzarella, Applewood Smoked Bacon, an egg, and spicy sausage for a complete breakfast in pizza form. Enjoyed, of course, at any time of the day. But you might check out Midici's arugula-topped Shrimp Scampi pizza, or their Truffle and Prosciutto pie.


For some, the best pizza in LA is a simple no-nonsense pepperoni pie. But maybe the next time you're craving a slice, you'll look to one of the more creative pizzerias in Los Angeles.

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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