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Best Road Trip Accessories

August 02, 2023

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The sunny and warm weather is still at its peak, which means it’s the ideal time to pack up your rig and head out on the open road. Road trips are one of the best ways to escape the busyness of life and take in all the wonders of nature and the great outdoors. And whether you’re camping, sleeping in your car, or finding a hotel along the way, there are certain accessories you can pack to make the road trip even better than it already is. Here are some of our favorite accessories to bring on your next epic adventure on the road.


1. Smartphone mount

Gone are the days of paper maps and scrambling for your favorite CD. Now, we all rely on our smartphones to help us navigate and entertain. Keep your hands free and your eyes on the road with a dash- or windshield-mounted smartphone holder. The iOttie iTap Magnetic 2 phone mount is super easy to set up and has an ultra-strong grip that allows you to mount your phone in any position, so you can keep your eyes on the road while still having the world a finger tap away. 


 Photo Credit: iOttie



2. Portable Coffee Maker

Sure, you could pull over at a truck stop or use the pre-packaged coffee in your motel room for a mediocre cup of joe, but why do that when you could have your favorite blend anytime you want? The CERA+ portable coffee maker allows you to indulge in warm brews and cold brews with your favorite roast wherever you are. It also has a rechargeable battery, so you can make several cups before you make it to your next destination. 


Photo Credit: CERA+ 



3. Sunglasses

Being blinded by that bright sun in the wide-open skies is the last thing you need while staying safe on the road. Sunglasses are an absolute must-have on any road trip, no matter the distance. Knockaround’s Fast Lanes sunglasses are the ideal accessory to keep in your car because they’re lightweight, come in a variety of lens colors, and you can choose from multiple stylish frames that fit your personality and mood. 




4. Backseat Organizer

Cars can get messy real quick on a road trip. Instead of fumbling through bags to find your snack, chapstick, or sanitizing wipes, get yourself a backseat car organizer instead. The Helteko Backseat Car Organizer attaches to either the driver or passenger front seats and has nine storage pockets for all your traveling needs – it also has a tablet holder, so the kiddos in the backseat can keep themselves entertained while you focus on the road. It even has two cup holders and is super easy to clean.


Photo Credit: Helteco



5. Folding Blanket 

You can only spend so many hours in the car without needing to get out and stretch your legs or take in the scenery. A folding blanket is an awesome road trip item to have that you can just lay open, take a seat, and share a snack. The Nemo Victory Picnic Blanket folds up nicely and compactly, is lightweight, and holds up to wear and tear. It also has a waterproof bottom, elastic straps, and a convenient handle for easy carry.


Photo Credit: NEMO 



6. Adventure Towel

It’s almost inevitable that you’ll find yourself driving by a beach, lake, or river during your adventures – and that means only one thing – pull over and go for a dip! The Knockaround Adventure Towel is made from recycled plastic bottles and is ultra-absorbent, quick-drying, and sand resistant. Not to mention, it comes in some seriously cool patterns and colors. Give yourself a break, cool off, and towel off with the adventure towel that folds up compactly, hardly taking up any room in your vehicle. 



7. Wi-fi Hotspot

Hitting the road means disconnecting from “normal life” and connecting with the bigger picture. But sometimes, you need to open your phone or laptop to take care of business – and Wi-Fi on the road can be a total game changer. In many new cars, integrated Wi-Fi is already installed, and the Jetpack allows you to connect up to 15 people to your personal network in over 200 countries. Plus, there is also an extra USB port for charging on the go. 

Photo Credit: Verizon 



8. Car seat gap filler

We’ve all done it. You’re driving down the highway, try and reach for your phone or wallet, and it falls between the gap of your center console and seat. Instead of scrambling for your goods or pulling over to retrieve them, invest in a car seat gap filler instead. The Drop Stop gap filler is a simple and nifty invention that provides 100% coverage in front of, surrounding, and behind your seat belt catch, so you can keep your eyes on the road safely if you happen to drop something. 

Photo Credit: Drop Stop



9. Tote Bag

You’ve got all your luggage packed in the back and you’re ready to go, but there are some items you want to keep handy up in front for you to grab at your convenience. That’s where a simple tote bag comes in handy. The Knockaround Tote Bag is the perfect size for you to store snacks, chargers, or other items right by the passenger’s feet or behind your seat. It’s also perfect to grab and go for rest stop visits or a quick picnic. 



10. Silk travel liner

 At any given moment, adverse weather conditions, unanticipated traffic, or insufficient planning might prevent you from arriving at your intended destination for the night, forcing you to lodge in a place you'd rather avoid. And although you might be stuck somewhere you’d rather not be, you can at least sleep on a liner that makes it a little more tolerable. Sea To Summit’s Premium Silk Travel Liner fits over scratchy motel sheets, your car’s seat, or your sleeping bag to keep you cozy and hygienic, no matter where you lay your head.  


 Photo Credit: Sea to Summit



11. Multitool

It's high time you consider carrying a reliable multitool if you haven't already. The Leatherman Wave Plus is a practical everyday companion, capable of effortlessly popping bottle tops, tightening screws, opening packages, and tackling a variety of odd jobs. When you're on the go, it becomes invaluable for handling minor inconveniences and providing quick fixes, like replacing burnt-out bulbs, tightening hose clamps, or addressing any unexpected mishaps that come your way.

Photo Credit: Leatherman 



12. Car seat cushion

Extended periods of sitting in a car can be seriously uncomfortable for many people but don’t worry, a car seat cushion can be a fantastic solution. The ComfiLife Gel Seat Cushion is equipped with gel memory foam, providing a cool and comfortable seating experience while also supporting proper posture. Designed to alleviate lower back pain, it feels like you’re sitting on a cloud. Additionally, its machine-washable cover makes it easy to clean, and its versatility allows you to use it in various settings beyond the car, making it suitable for virtually any chair.


 Photo Credit: ComfiLife



13. Soft-pack cooler

A must-have for any long journey, a cooler can accommodate anything from nutritious snacks to essential ice packs, greatly enhancing the overall enjoyment of your trip. After enduring several 500-mile days on the road, having a well-insulated container filled with refreshing beverages and cooling body wipes feels like a true blessing. Among the best soft coolers available, we highly recommend the RTIC Soft Pack Cooler 20 Can as a personal favorite.


Photo Credit: RTIC



14. Tire pressure gauge

Keeping tabs on your tires before and after extended drives is vital, considering they are the sole connection between your vehicle and the road, ensuring your safety. If you happen to drive an older car lacking a tire-pressure monitoring system, investing in a reliable tire pressure gauge becomes essential. JACO's ElitePro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge is precisely calibrated to meet professional standards and provides accurate readings and peace of mind. Plus, it comes with a full lifetime warranty, making it a valuable and long-lasting addition to your road trip accessories.


Photo Credit: Jaco Superior Products 



15. Dashcam

Dashboard cameras serve a few purposes, offering both entertainment and practical safety features. Not only can they capture fun moments on the road, but they also function as valuable safety devices. In the event of an accident, they can record crucial evidence. The REDTIGER Dash Cam goes above and beyond by incorporating GPS capabilities to track your route and driving speed. It also boasts a unique feature that allows it to record while parked, providing the added benefit of keeping a watchful eye on your car even when you're away.




16. Road trip game

Long days on the road can be monotonous and boring. Keep your conversation and laughs going with a little silence-breaker like Chat Pack: Fun Questions to Spark Conversations. With a total of 156 cards, each one with thought-provoking questions, this set is guaranteed to spark engaging conversations like no other. Simply draw a card, and watch the fun and lively discussions unfold. 

Photo Credit: Question Guys

Written by Ashley Fike for Knockaround.

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