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10 Awesome Smart Gadgets for the Kitchen

May 22, 2021

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The kitchen of the future is here! Let’s look at the connected appliances that can seriously modernize your kitchen.

Revolution's High-Tech Toaster

It's almost impossible to burn toast with the Revolution Cooking R180—unless you tell it you like your bread blackened. It's got 63 different settings, such as varying shades of toasting. You can set the smart toaster for waffles, English muffins, and toaster pastries, all easily programmable on a touchscreen display, which doubles as a clock with an analog face when you're not toasting.


Kohler's Voice-Activated Faucet

"Pour two cups of water." That's all you need to say to your Kohler Sensate faucet for it to dole out exactly two cups of water. Or simply tell it to turn on and off when you want the water to flow. You can even just wave a hand as it's got a motion detector for starting and stopping. The faucet can also help you to track your water use, connecting to Kohler's Konnect app that monitors usage and alerts you if there's anything unusual.


Brew Coffee from Bed?

You sure can! Even before you roll out of bed you can just tell Alexa to get your coffee going if you have a Hamilton Beach Smart 12-Cup Coffee Maker. Do you take your coffee light or bold? You can just tell your smart coffeemaker how to brew java to your exact liking. Begin brewing with a voice command, with the tap of an app on your smartphone, or if you're feeling old-school you can go the manual route.


A WiFi-Connected Instant Pot

If forced to scale down to just one kitchen appliance, many folks would choose an instant pot. You can pressure cook, steam cook, slow cook, bake, and even sauté among the many cooking modes. And now you don't even have to be in the kitchen to get your instant pot going with the Instant Pot Smart WiFi. It's also got hundreds of pre-programmed recipes, letting you set the cooker to make everything from chili and stew to cake and even yogurt.


An Awesome Smart Air Fryer

Like to get a text that tells you that your food is cooked? You can with the Cosori Smart WiFi Air Fryer! And enjoy fried food without all of that messy and calorie-heavy oil needed for traditional frying. Start your cooking remotely, and even monitor the progress of your cooking via an app or through voice control. And if you're wondering what to cook, just check out the over 100 recipes that are already programmed in your air fryer.


Temperature Control Mug

It may sound like a small problem. And maybe it is. But when your coffee or tea goes cold it can feel like a pretty big deal. That won't be a problem with the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug. Connected to a smartphone app, the mug keeps your drink at the temperature you specify for about 90 minutes. It also comes with a saucer that serves as a charger, which will keep your drink warm all day without draining the mug's battery.


A Scale With Recipe Rescues

It's a common thing we encounter when cooking. You follow a recipe and decide to make a substitution, say, going with butter instead of olive oil. But how much of the substitution should you use? Just ask the Drop Scale. It'll tell you how to properly proportion everything with its connected recipe app. Or maybe you've got a recipe that makes a meal for four and you want to scale that down to food for two. The Drop Scale can help with its Recipe Rescaling feature.


High Tech Sous Vide Cooking

For the uninitiated, sous vide (French for "under vacuum") is a method of cooking in which you seal food in a plastic bag and cook it in water at a precise temperature. And one of the best gadgets you can get for sous vide is the Anova Precision Cooker. Its connected app has lots of step-by-step sous vide recipes and lets you begin, end, and monitor your cooking via your smartphone.


Meet the Meater Smart Thermometer

A traditional meat thermometer may be able to tell you the temperature of one section of the meat you're cooking. But can it tell you how much longer you should continue cooking? And monitor your cooking? Or tell you when you should remove your meat from heat to let the final cooking happen while it's at rest? No. But the MEATER can! The smart thermometer connects to an app to give you all of this information and more.


Amazon's Alexa-Enabled Microwave

It's called the Amazon Basics Microwave, but few would call the functions of this little wonder "basic." Just tell it when to start microwaving and when to stop. Or use voice control to perform a number of preset tasks, such as cooking popcorn or reheating coffee. Out of coffee? No worries, just tell Alexa you need to order more and it'll be on its way through the Amazon Dash Replenishment service.

Smart appliances for the kitchen can change the way you cook. So which connected kitchen appliances will you soon be getting?

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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