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10 Amazing Solar-Powered Gadgets

March 03, 2022

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We’re seeing more and more uses for solar power all of the time. Here are some great solar energy gadgets you can get right now.

Smart Bike Lock

No need to remember to bring a key for your bike lock every time you head out. And say goodbye to trying to remember a combination. The smart bike lock by Ellipse locks and unlocks through an app on your smartphone. But instead of needing a battery to power the electronic locking, this gadget harnesses the power of the sun. And if someone tampers with the lock, it sends you an alert through Bluetooth. Don't feel like carrying your phone with you? You can also use a combination to open the lock.


Solar Bluetooth Speaker

There are several options for solar-powered Bluetooth speakers, though few can match the ABFOCE Solar Bluetooth Speaker in both functionality and price. It'll run you about 60 bucks and give you about 30 minutes of playing time for every ten minutes in sunlight. Two 40-millimeter loudspeakers give you stereo sound with decent bass. It's waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and also has a conventional battery that provides up to 60 hours on a full charge.


Solar Wireless Keyboard

This is for those who hate to have their workspace cluttered by cables. To power-up, the Logitech Solar Wireless Keyboard doesn't connect to anything but light and doesn't need direct sunlight to function. And it'll stay charged even if it's been sitting in total darkness for up to three months. The keyboard’s wireless connection to your device, or multiple devices, works from up to 30 feet away.


Solar Hat

Who says solar panels can't be fashion accessories? Anyone who does probably hasn't seen a solar hat with a USB port for charging your portable devices. As long as the brim of your cap has access to direct sunlight, you'll never have to worry about your smartphone's battery going dead ever again. Beyond the tech, it's just a basic cotton hat that comes in a variety of colors.


Light Powered Flashlight

There are quite a few solar-powered flashlights on the market. The Delxo Patriot gets high marks for the sheer number of gizmos it packs on. It's got a detachable compass, seat belt cutter, and an emergency window hammer. Plus, a magnet, four sirens, an LED light bar, and a USB port to charge other devices. All in a rugged package that's powered by either solar chargers or charged the conventional way by plugging into an electric outlet.


Solar Security Camera

It looks a little bit like a spaceship, and the tech of the Soliom S60 Solar Outdoor Security Camera isn't so far off. No wires needed to hook this little guy up. Mount it where you want to survey and one hour of sunlight gives you 24 hours of video recording. With motion detection and night vision up to 50 feet. It has a wireless connection to an app that offers cloud storage for the video.


Solgaard Lifepack Backpack

You have a few choices if you're in the market for a solar backpack. But most of them just slap a panel onto a regular backpack and look pretty clunky. Which makes the Solgaard Lifepack Backpack a more discrete choice. Its solar panel is tucked nicely into an inset so most people would hardly notice that it's a solar backpack at first glance. When fully charged the backpack's solar bank can charge an average smartphone five times.


Solar Water Fountain

This one is purely for fun. Plus, an eco-friendly way to give your garden some personality. And cheap, available for under $25. Just drop the Cocofit Solar Powered Fountain in a pool of water and watch the show! Eight nozzles use the power of the sun to throw streams of water into the air. Its base is a solar panel that feeds a battery that will keep the fountain spurting even on cloudy days.


Gopher Repeller

There's some dispute over the effectiveness of ultrasonic pest repellers. Anecdotal evidence says they work, but there isn't a big body of scientific proof. But if you've got gophers and moles digging up your garden, mole repellent stakes are a cheap and easy way to try and ward them off. Just sink these spikes into the ground and let the solar sensors on top power the emitting of sonic pulses. Experts swear rodents will be on the run.


Folding Solar Panel Charger

There are lots of solar chargers for your phone out there. And they all do pretty much the same thing, offering a great way to charge your smartphone without having to plug it in anywhere. X-Dragon is a brand that's got a few good options, with a series of solar panels that fold up nicely into a case that's about the size of an average smartphone.

Don’t forget that these are all eco-friendly gadgets that can considerably cut down your battery waste. And they're awesome. So why not make the next gadget you get a solar gadget?

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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