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LA's Top Sushi Takeout

March 16, 2021

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There's lots of sushi in Los Angeles. But what's the best sushi in LA that you can take away? That answer has grown significantly in the time of COVID-19, with more and more places offering delivery and curbside service. Let's see what's on the takeout menus!


A longtime favorite for couples looking to have an elegant date in Beverly Hills, Matsuhisa offers takeout bento boxes that are more affordable than you might expect from the upscale sushi bar. Order up a box containing some of their classics like sashimi tacos, cut rolls, and edamame. Not into raw fish? You can also order a cooked bento box.



Michelin-starred cuisine available for takeout? Yup! Shunji on the Westside offers curbside pickup of bento boxes filled with Japanese cuisine you won't find at most sushi bars: in-season trout and firefly squid, to name a few items. With seasonal sourcing, the menu is always changing, but you can always rely on exquisite omakase service.


The Brothers Sushi

A small upscale spot located in Woodland Hills, The Brothers Sushi offers takeout sushi platters in the 20 to 30-pieces range. While their sashimi and a la carte rolls are truly mouthwatering, their most fun offerings are three different DIY Hand Roll Kits, allowing you to make your own hand rolls at home. Plus, a Kids Hand Roll Kit to let the little ones get in on the fun.


Sushi Note

Nearly all of the menu items from this Sherman Oaks staple, Sushi Note, are available for takeout, from Spicy Tuna Biscotti and Peppered Albacore Sushi to their Kuro Edamame and signature Kinoko Itame. Or how about a little of everything? Their "Half Note" sampler box includes many of their most popular items, such as spicy tuna cut rolls, shishito peppers, bluefin tuna, and more.

Takeout sushi from Sushi NotePhoto Credit: Sushi Note / Instagram



A relative newcomer on the sushi scene, Morihiro in Atwater Village is under the helm of its namesake Tokyo-trained sushi chef Morihiro Onodera. Morihiro offers seasonal bento boxes loaded with over a half dozen traditional dishes, plus omakase sets with multiple courses including appetizers, miso soup, and nigiri. The rice, which Morihiro sources from Uruguay, is particularly popular.

Omakase 6, Seasonal Appetizer, Miso Soup and Black Edamame from MorihiroPhoto Credit: Morihiro / Instagram



Sushi purists may scoff at Hamasaku's fusion of traditional Japanese fare and California cuisine. They would never crunch down on Charlize Tacos (yes, named after Charlize Theron). Or a Kendall (Jenner) Roll—the Westwood eatery has no shame in naming food after the celebrities who have eaten there. But the fare is priced for non-celebrities, as you can get a bento box with hand rolls, sashimi, nigiri, and more for about $40.

Deluxe Omakase from HamasakuPhoto Credit: Hamasaku / Facebook



Serving high quality sushi in Studio City for nearly three decades, Michelin-starred Asanebo is justified to charge the high prices it does for its indoor dining experience. But COVID-19 has driven those prices down and you can get takeout bento boxes and sushi combos for under $50. And keep in mind that Asanebo also offers bottles of sake to go!


Sushi Tama

Savoring some of the best sushi that Beverly Hills has to offer doesn't have to come with a price tag that will make you drop your chopsticks. While in-house dining can cost you, Sushi Tama’s omakase nigiri set is under $50 and includes uni that's flown in fresh from either Japan or Mexico. A ten-piece sashimi plate will cost you about the same, and lots of the items on their a la carte takeout menu have reasonable prices.

Bowl of assorted sashimi from Sushi TamaPhoto Credit: Sushi Tama / Facebook


Kiriko Sushi

Tucked into the Japanese enclave of Sawtelle in West Los Angeles, Kiriko keeps things traditional with Tokyo-style sushi—and also goes unconventional with a unique tapas menu featuring Japanese flair. Sashimi platters, bento boxes, and a variety of sushi combos are all available for takeout.


Sōgo Roll Bar

For affordable sushi that doesn't skimp on quality, Sōgo in Los Feliz is a popular choice. You can get a bento box of cut rolls—crab, lobster, snapper, tor—for around $25. While you won't find some of the more exotic fare you might encounter at a higher-end eatery, Sōgo impresses with some interesting creations like brandy-soaked albacore finished with garlic ginger ponzu.


...And Who Could Forget About SUGARFISH?

With 11 locations in Los Angeles, SUGARFISH is the undisputed king of takeout and delivery sushi. At least in terms of sheer volume. They also get high marks for high quality, impressing sushi lovers of all shades with their popular hand rolls. And with an understanding that folks want sushi that's both safe and affordable, their well-packed "Trust Me" boxes are available at reasonable prices.

So, who's going out for some sushi pickup? Or will you opt for sushi delivery? No matter how it arrives, the best takeout sushi in Los Angeles is just waiting for your order.

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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