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Best Custom Clothing Websites to Enhance Your Wardrobe

March 12, 2021

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With advanced apps for measuring, more and more online shopping websites are offering customized clothing. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

Make Your Own Jeans and More

There may be no better article of clothing to own than a pair of jeans that fit perfectly—often hard to find and with worry that they'll wear out too soon when you do find them. But with a perfect pair is just a few clicks away. Select from dozens of types of denim, measuring yourself with some guidance from their site, and soon enough those custom jeans will be delivered to your door. And it's not just about jeans. You can get custom-made suits, pants that range from casual to formal, jackets, and lots of leather apparel. As for cost? Not far from off-the-rack. A common price for a pair of jeans listed on their website is $79.

Indochino for Affordable Suits

Getting a made-to-measure suit online can rightly make you nervous. A fine suit can be a big investment and you don't want any problems with yours. So, you want a site with a proven track record, and recently celebrated its tenth anniversary making made-to-order suits. And although Indochino has showrooms all across the United States and Canada, online is a great way to go, as you can usually find internet-only deals that are lower than their regular retail prices. The site provides you with a measurement profile, which you'll have to complete with help from a friend with a tape measure. Then choose from cuts and fabrics and you can have a great suit delivered at a great price.

Articles of Style for Upscale Menswear

Making custom suits entirely in the United States, Articles of offers higher-end suits that run in the $1,000 to $2,000 dollar range. They also sell jackets, outerwear, and formal wear with a fairly straightforward process. Choose your garment. Send your height, weight, and fit preference to their tailors, who will create a custom pattern for you to try-on. You take photos of yourself and communicate your likes and dislikes to the tailors for adjustments. Then the tailors get to work, and you'll soon have a custom garment on the way. And with your fit saved in their database, ordering the next garment will be a breeze!

Frilly from the Hub of L.A. Fashion

Located in downtown Los Angeles, Frilly has a team of in-house designers waiting to make thousands of different alterations to your exact specifications. From simple hemlines to creating complete outfits from scratch, Frilly offers bespoke female fashion starting with fabric selection and down to final touches. How? You begin with a template of design ideas and build your own creation with 3D rendering software, amending your garment as it comes to life on the screen. When you're satisfied, that custom garment will be made and shipped to you.

MTailor for Meticulously Measured Menswear

MTailor gets high marks for its use of a body-measuring app that takes 16 different measurements across your body to find the perfect fit, giving you a 360-degree view of your garment size. The site boasts that their measurements are "20% more accurate than a tailor." MTailor is targeted primarily toward men, offering business wear and casual attire that goes from chinos to jeans and t-shirts. Though they also have a nice selection of made-to-order jeans for women.

Knot Standard for the Discerning Male

Headquartered in New York City, Knot Standard caters to the well-dressed man with attire that ranges from suits and formal wear to casual ensembles. They let you customize every possible aspect of your clothing, including fabric, stitching, buttons, and more. To begin you have a virtual meeting with one of their in-house consultants who guides you through their digital measuring process. Then you're on your way to owning some customized garments.

eShakti Does Dresses Like No Other

Based out of Seattle, eShakti is coming up on its 20th anniversary as an e-tailer, offering apparel for women with a focus on made-to-order dresses. Start by choosing a design. Instead of a body measuring app, eShakti keeps things traditional by asking you to measure yourself following their measurement guide. After some customization your one-of-a-kind creation will be shipped to you.

Knockaround for Custom Sunglasses

Since no outfit is truly complete until you've accessorized, why not get a pair of custom sunglasses to go with your made-to-order attire? From a host of personalized colorways to different lenses and more, there are over 100,000 possible combinations to create across our most-popular frame styles...You design them. We build them!

From bespoke dresses to custom-tailored suits online, today’s online stores for clothes offer amazing ways to put you in some perfectly fitting ensembles.

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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