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Wraparound sunglasses from Knockaround

Campeones: Our Latest Wraparound Sunglasses With Big Benefits

April 28, 2023

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If you’re looking for stylish, performance-driven sunglasses, look no further than the Campeones. With all-new Knockterra™ Lens Tech, these recent additions to the Knockaround lineup are great for a range of outdoor sports such as baseball, running, cycling, and so many more! Let's look at some of the reasons why you'll almost surely want to slip on a pair of these innovative wraparound sunglasses.


Oil-Fighting Wraparound Shades

Things can get kind of grimy out there in the world, and oily films can build up on sports sunglasses pretty quickly. But not so much with the Campeones thanks to an oleophobic lens coating. Translating to "fear of oil," oleophobic treatments allow oil drops, sweat, and water to slide from the lens surface, making it difficult for grime and dirt to take hold. With an oleophobic coating, smudges and fingerprints have a much lower chance of temporarily staining lenses. And, the oleophobic coating significantly improves the scratch-resistant properties of these great wraparound shades!

Runners wearing the new Campeones Sunglasses

Wraparound Sunglasses That Repel Liquid

The lens protection doesn't stop at the oleophobic treatment; Campeones also have a hydrophobic coating. Translating to "fear of water," hydrophobic coatings help prevent water droplets from sticking to the surface of the lens. So water beads up and rolls off rather than hanging on to obscure your vision. This water-repelling action can come in particularly handy should a light rain blow in while you're out running or cycling and really need to see clearly out of your sport sunglasses. 

The New Campeones Sunglasses

Stylish Sunglasses With UV Protection

The Campeones offer 100% UV400 protection. Why is that important? While invisible and therefore usually unnoticed, the sun's ultraviolet light is not harmless. Rather, it can be something of a menace. Whether it hits the eye in a straight line or gets reflected off of surfaces, UV light can damage one's eyes; exposure to UV light correlates with a number of eye diseases such as photokeratitis (one form is best known as snow blindness) and pre-cancerous growths. So if you're planning to spend time out in the sun, it makes sense to protect your eyes with 100% UV protection glasses.

Biker wearing the new Campeones Sunglasses

A Solid Pair of Impact-Resistant Sunglasses

If you lead an active lifestyle, and even if you don't, odds are your sunglasses stand a good chance of getting knocked around a bit out there in the world. Not a problem with the Campeones! That’s because they've got polycarbonate lenses and frames. Lighter and thinner than traditional plastic, polycarbonate lenses are some of the most impact-resistant lenses on the market. About ten times more impact resistant than plastic and glass! This durability is one of the reasons why safety glasses and children's eyeglasses often use polycarbonate lenses, and why you can feel secure that the Campeones will stand up to any bumps and bruises they take during your outdoor activities.

Biker with the Campeones Sunglasses

Better Depth Perception and Color Accuracy with New Knockterra™ Lens Tech

Our new Knockterra™ Lens Tech is purposely non-polarized to offer supreme depth perception and color accuracy. You might ask, “But don't you want polarized lenses for outdoor activities?” Well, not necessarily—it’s complicated. While polarized lenses do offer significant anti-glare properties, which can be helpful for some outdoors activities, they may not be your best option for every situation. That's because of lens distortion, as well as the fact that glare can actually help with depth perception. With polarized glasses, some finer details can get lost due to a slight visual distortion that can affect some people’s depth perception. That's not likely to be much of an issue when hiking a mountain trail or hitting the snowy slopes, but it could make a difference if you're trying to keep an eye on an incoming fastball. In that case, non-polarized sunglasses may be the better choice!

Then there's color accuracy to consider. Non-polarized sunglasses usually offer more accurate color perception compared to polarized lenses. And with LCD screens, polarized lenses tend to darken one's view, while with non-polarized lenses, the wearer often sees LCD screens properly.

Knockterra lenses on the Campeones Sunglasses

Lightweight Sport Sunglasses You'll Love

Thin, light, and comfortable to wear, Campeones are designed to stay in place and aren't apt to slip or slide from your face while you're running, biking, or playing sports. These lightweight sunglasses are also great for a range of other outdoor activities in which you keep moving but need your sunglasses to remain secure. Campeones provide the perfect combination of protection and comfort for anyone who loves being active outdoors and loves doing so with an awesome pair of sport sunglasses.

Runners with the new Campeones Sunglasses

Experts Recommend Sunglasses Like the Campeones

It almost sounds as if the American Optometric Association (AOA) had Campeones in mind when they made their recommendations for sunglasses. The AOA advises that "your sunglass lenses should be made from polycarbonate" or similar material. The AOA also says, "If you spend a lot of time outdoors in bright sunlight, consider wearing wraparound frames for additional protection from the harmful solar radiation." And, as the AOA notes, "The longer the eyes are exposed to solar radiation, the greater the risk of developing cataracts, eye cancer, pterygium (surfer’s eye), or macular degeneration later in life."

Runner wearing the Campeones Sunglasses

Wraparound Shades Simply for Style

While we've mostly focused on wearing wraparound sunglasses to protect your eyes during outdoor activities, let's not forget that that's not the only time you can slip on a sleek pair of wraparound shades. If you're going for an edgy look, Campeones may be the perfect fashion accessory. Bring an athletic sensibility to your favorite casual outfits. Offset a more serious-leaning ensemble with a laid-back pair of wraparound shades. From heading to the beach to strolling around town and more, wraparound sunglasses are eyewear that truly makes you stand out.

The new Campeones Sunglasses

Are you looking for running glasses? Cycling glasses? Sport sunglasses for a wide range of activities? Whether you're into getting active or just want the protection and durability that come with a pair of UV protection glasses, these non-polarized sunglasses may be a perfect fit. If you're looking for superior optical performance and comfort, you just might be looking for a pair of Campeones.

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Written by William McCleary for Knockaround

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