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10 Reasons Glampervans Rule!

October 18, 2021

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You’ve probably heard of glamping, or “glamorous camping.” Well, that concept hits the road with glamorous camper vans, affectionately known as glampervans. Here are some reasons why glamping is best enjoyed on four wheels.

1. COVID-Friendly Travels

This is one reason most of us would have never dreamed of in the days before COVID, when "social distancing" was just avoiding an annoying loudmouth at a cocktail party. But now when we check into a hotel, sit down at a restaurant, or go into any situation where people gather there's extra consideration. Even with vaccines. It's the reason that travel trends are skewing toward outdoor destinations and a glampervan is a great way to get in on that trend.

2. Much Cheaper Trips

As restrictions continue to lift, people are beginning to travel all across America more and more. That's the good news. The not-so-good news: travel is getting more expensive with the rise. Hotel rates and airfares have both been climbing as coronavirus restrictions ease. According to data from, the average hotel room in the U.S. costs $141 a night. And it's higher in popular destinations; New York City hotels average $233 a night. With a glampervan, your lodging costs could be close to zero.

3. Adventure at a Moment's Notice

No more searching the internet for flights, hotels, or rental cars—all of which could have different availability dates. Choose a destination and go; you can pick up provisions such as food on the way. Of course, you may have to do a little legwork for longer stays, say, to ensure that legal overnight parking is fine. But campsites are pretty easy to find and most are usually open for last-minute and on-site bookings.

4. Safe Stays Amid Nature

Camping in a tent can be great. But if you've ever spent even just one night in the wilds with only nylon between you and the wildlife you hear all around you it can be a little disconcerting. That's not an issue if you're safely tucked inside a secure glampervan. Then there's heading off on a hike and worrying that someone might come along and grab stuff from your empty tent—less of an issue with a glampervan that's locked tight. Even better with a safe inside!

5. RV Comforts Without RV Problems

Big RVs are great. It's like having a house on wheels. But all of that room comes with the not-so-great part of driving, which can be especially difficult in cities, where parking may present a problem. And if your RV is over 27 feet long, most national parks won't let you bring it in. But glampervans pack in all of the basics of an RV: a bed, kitchenette with a fridge, storage, and more. All in a ride that handles like a car and not a semi-truck.

6. You Can Also Consider Everyday Use

This is especially true if you're converting something smaller like a minivan into a glampervan. Just because the inside is set up like a mini luxury apartment doesn't mean you can't use your glampervan for everyday activities. And we're not just talking about trips to the supermarket; if you're near a WiFi signal with a chair, a table, self-sufficient electricity, and climate control, you've got yourself a mobile office.

7. It's a Great Way to Go Green

Many of the modern glampervans are outfitted with solar power, utilizing panels on the roof that supply a 340-watt system that's powerful enough to keep eco-friendly LED lights on and your electric appliances humming. Plus, your entire van can be an electric vehicle. The airplanes, cabs, and Uber rides of traditional travel leave a much bigger carbon footprint.

8. Enjoy the Comforts of Home

A good bed, and usually one that folds into seating, is at the heart of every good glampervan. Nice kitchen space comes next. But what about a toilet, right? Well, you can get a cassette toilet installed. Similar to the toilets in boats and RVs, cassette toilets have a chemical reservoir that breaks down waste. While you probably don't want to go "full service" when using a cassette toilet, it'll serve in number-one situations.

9. Real Meals on the Road

With your glampervan's cooking capacity, there's no need to rely on restaurants or packaged foods from the supermarket on your travels. From gas rings and electric grills to pressure cookers and portable stoves of all shades, there are lots of great ways to roll with a mobile kitchen.

10. Gadgets for Getting Your Geek On

This may be the most fun aspect of glampervans, as the options for decking out your home on wheels are amazing: flat-screen TVs, video-game consoles, high-end sound systems, LED mood lighting, touch-screen navigation systems, and more. A WiFi range extender could come in handy. How about a mini projector for movie night under the stars? If you've got a gadget in mind, your glampervan may be the perfect place for it.

Sure, glampervans are investments, so you really have to consider the cost. But how much will you save on your travels? And how much will you love rolling up to amazing glamping sites in your very own luxury accommodations?

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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