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Class Acts

May 15, 2019

Art is a crucial part of companies like Knockaround and plays a significant role in our daily surroundings. That is why it is so important for us to show young people the artistic career opportunities available to them in the future.

Class Acts is Knockaround's ongoing campaign that aims to donate money, resources, and art supplies to local, underfunded elementary schools. Every year we visit 4th and 5th-grade students to talk about the importance of art and then give them an opportunity to design their own special pair of sunglasses.

Normally, we select one winning design to produce and sell on as our annual pair of Class Acts sunglasses. All proceeds from the sale are then donated to the participating elementary schools through our charitable partner, ArtReach.

This year though, we couldn't settle on just one—we produced three amazing pairs of sunglasses designed by three very talented students! Stay tuned for more info on this year's Class Acts collection. Click here if you want to know first when these become available!

Want to take a shot at designing some sunglasses? Download and print the PDF worksheet here. Get creative, have some fun, and be sure to snap and share a photo on social media when it's done (tag @knockaround and hashtag #knockaroundclassacts).

Previous Class Acts Winners

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