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Date Night Ideas in the Age of COVID

January 29, 2021

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Heading to a cozy bar for happy hour, eating at a lively restaurant, going to the movies, and seeing a concert are all put on hold for now. So, when it comes to having a fun and romantic date night, it might seem like options are pretty limited. And although the pandemic has certainly changed the way we socialize and date (even in long-term relationships), you just have to think outside the box to keep the romance alive.

Whether you’ve been dating for one hour or one decade, here are 10 date night ideas in the age of COVID.

1. ‘Travel’ the World for the Night

Traveling is off the table for the most part, unfortunately. And until we can break out our passports again, you can still experience cultures from abroad while staying safe at home. If you’ve always wanted to take your partner to Italy, create an Italian-themed evening at home. Watch movies or travel shows, eat cuisine (made-from-scratch or takeout), and drink cocktails from wherever you want to ‘travel’ to for the night. It’s not quite the same as dining and exploring a new city somewhere, but it’s still super charming and romantic.

Couple kneading dough togetherPhoto Credit: PxHere

2. Go Stargazing

There really isn’t anything dreamier than laying under a sky full of stars with someone you’re into. Add wine or hot cider, a warm blanket, and lots of fresh air, and you’ve got yourself a perfect date night. You’ll want to keep an eye on the weather to plan for a clear night, but you and your bae can spend the entire evening pointing out constellations (there are apps for that!), watching for shooting stars, and talking about life’s deepest mysteries. Of course, the further away from the city, the better.


3. Hit the Trails

If you and your date are into a more active dating experience, get outside and hit the trails. Find your nearest hiking or mountain biking trail and take in the sights and sounds of nature while getting your lungs pumping. And if you’re just getting to know each other, hikes are a great opportunity to get into some good conversation. Plus, exercise releases endorphins that make you happy—which sounds like a win on a date.

Couple hiking and looking at the viewPhoto Credit: PxHere


4. Have a Service Plan Your Night

Feel like you’ve done it all when it comes to date nights during the pandemic? There are pros out there that want to help you keep things exciting and fun. Subscription services like Happily will mail you and your partner a box every month with a different date night idea. They’ll supply you with everything you need, and activities can range from cooking classes and wine tasting to dancing classes and body paints.

Brown gift box with pink ribbonPhoto Credit: Jess Bailey / Unsplash


5. Visit a U-pick Farm

Depending on the season, there are farms and orchards that let you walk through and pick your own fruit, veggies, herbs, and flowers. You and your date can practice social distancing and get some fresh air while visiting an apple orchard, pumpkin patch, flower farm, or berry fields. Then afterward, you can reap what you sowed by making a delicious dinner or dessert with everything you harvested.


6. Spa Night at Home

Turn your home into a relaxing and sensual spa for you and your date to enjoy. Stock up on bath bombs, lotions, oils (even edible ones are available), scrubs, and whatever else you want for a rejuvenating and sexy experience. Try giving each other massages, giving each other skin treatments, or just soaking in the tub together. It’s date night, so don’t forget to add the champagne and some mood music.

Red lit candlePhoto Credit: MadMaxx22 / Pixabay


7. Rent a Cute Cabin or Getaway

If you’ve been craving a weekend getaway in your established relationship, consider renting a quaint cottage or cabin within a few hours’ drive. There are plenty of rentals on Airbnb and Vrbo that are in full compliance with any and all health regulations to ensure that your stay is safe. Pick a place on the beach, in the mountains, or surrounded by forest—you can both leave ‘real-life’ behind for a night or two for some alone time.


8. Take a Brewery Tour from Home

Breweries are a great go-to destination for a date—whether it’s a first date or the millionth. Sadly, many breweries have closed their tasting rooms for the time being. However, they’re still cranking out brews and will gladly sell them to-go. So, that means that you and your SO can’t have fun tasting brews from a new or local brewery right at home. Pick up a couple of growlers or a few different varieties of bottles and cans, then spend the night sampling and comparing them from the comfort of your couch. Not to mention, you’ll be supporting a business.


9. Go Golfing

Golf courses have remained open during the pandemic and they make for a perfect date idea. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at the game or not, you’ll both have fun spending time with each other outside and enjoying the gorgeous scenery. Head to the driving range, play 18 holes, or get silly playing putt-putt—there are lots of options for however you want to spend your time together.

White golf ball on green grassPhoto Credit: Peter Drew / Unsplash


10. Reminisce with Each Other

If you and your partner have been together for a while, plan a night where you take a step back in time. Look over old photos, watch old videos, recreate your first date, or cook the first meal you ate together. It’s a great way to reignite the spark and feel gratitude for one another.

Two sitting men looking at a smartphonePhoto Credit:  Alex Suprun / Unsplash

Written by Ashley Brewer for Knockaround.

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