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Diving For Sharks with Jenna Ushkowitz

July 3, 2019

We hit the deep blue sea with actor, singer, author, and Tony Award-winning producer, Jenna Ushkowitz. She might be better known for her role of Tina Cohen-Chang on the hit comedy-drama series Glee, but she's also a certified scuba diver and ambassador for Oceana, who takes the business of preserving and restoring the world's oceans very serious.

Knockaround went with Jenna and Oceana off the coast of San Diego to dive for blue sharks. Our hope was to come in contact with these beautiful creatures, and help bring awareness to banning the sale of shark fins in the U.S.

Something We Can All Agree On: "Sharks are so vital to the ecosystem, they're at the top of the chain and sharks regulate the fish population, and without them we'd be in real danger." — Jenna Ushkowitz

As always, $3 from every pair of Shark Week sunglasses sold will be donated to Oceana in their ongoing effort to protect the world’s oceans.

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