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The Knock Squad Yearbook

Meet the Knock Squad, our intrepid team of ambassadors. They’re endlessly energetic. They’re involved in their communities. They’ve got a hundred different interests, hobbies, and pastimes. They spread good vibes and they get why doing so is important. Bottom line, they’re an extension of our Knockaround family.

But the Knock Squad goes way beyond sunglasses. Sure, these are the folks who always have a spare pair for a friend in need, but what really makes this squad solid is the way they spread the “look at the bright side” mindset. They lift others up. They radiate positivity. They own their quirkiness and encourage others to be themselves, no matter their background or experience.

Check out the members who make this team so great and give ’em a follow. Trust us, you’ll like what you see.

Founding Class OF 2021

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