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The Longhairs and Knockaround

Let It Ride with The Longhairs

October 30, 2020

You don’t have to tell The Longhairs about hard work. You also don’t have to tell them that taking a risk is the first step towards building something great. From the get-go, these guys knew their mission went far beyond just selling hair ties to men with manes. By pouring everything they had into their business, they quickly built a community of dudes with serious flow (and happened to ink a deal with Mark Cuban along the way). But their greatest accomplishment to date had nothing to do with selling hair ties at all. With absolutely everything on the line, The Longhairs let it ride big time at a Guinness World Record-setting event. Their reward?’ll just have to watch to find out.

Something We Can All Agree On: “Risk plus work leads to reward, and it pays to let it ride.” — The Longhairs


The Longhairs, Knockaround Something We Can All Agree On


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