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Outstanding Outdoor Yoga in Los Angeles

April 20, 2022

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Looking to do some beach yoga? Maybe some outdoor yoga classes with impressive views of the Downtown LA skyline? Let’s delve into your top options to do yoga outside in Los Angeles.


Yoga on the Water

Literally. YogAqua offers yoga classes on ocean waters; instead of a mat, you do your poses atop a ten-foot-long stand-up paddle board. In two locations: Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey and by the public launch ramp in Ventura. Beginners get 15 minutes of paddling instructions before anchors drop and the yoga begins. Even though you're in calm shallows, there's a good chance you'll fall off the board and into the water. Almost a certainty. But learning to find balance and stability on the board is part of the program.


Outside in Echo Park

One Down Dog's studio in Echo Park has ample outdoor space, where they hold classes in four different formats: Chill offers a long warm-up and lots of stretching; Flow is a mid-range workout with soothing music; Sweat throws some HIIT working out in with the yoga; Core focuses on stability and strength with mat Pilates.


Practiced in a Santa Monica Park

Head over to Santa Monica’s Gandara Park to join the daily classes of Laughing Frog. Begin the day with Good Morning Yoga, focusing on stretching and strengthening. Or perhaps you'll skip (or arrive late to) happy hour and join the early evening Let Go and Flow class.


Downward Dog in a Celebrity Cemetery

Only in Hollywood! The Hollywood Forever cemetery is the final resting place of a host of stars: Rudolph Valentino, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Chris Cornell, Burt Reynolds and so many more. And the grounds host a slate of events from concerts to outdoor movies. They also do yoga. Spread out your mat on the green grass surrounded by stately mausoleums at one of the most iconic spots in LA. Look for the yoga schedule on the Hollywood Forever Instagram page.


Rooftop in Mid-City

Coronavirus restrictions forced Red Diamond Yoga to take their classes outside instead of holding them indoors at their Mid-City and Marina del Rey studios. Restrictions eased, but the popularity of the outdoor classes prompted them to continue to practice under the sun. The classes are held on a rooftop at La Cienega Plaza in Mid-City, with morning and evening classes from Monday through Friday and a few classes on the weekend. You can see their outdoor schedule on their website.


Sanctuary in Downtown LA

Sanctuary Fitness embraces the philosophy of Kaizen, a Japanese term meaning "continuous improvement" or "change for the better." They apply that sentiment to their yoga, designed to gradually transform both body and mind. And under open skies, if you catch one of their outdoor classes at their studio in the Arts District.


Outdoor Yoga in Venice Beach

Moda Yoga, with locations in La Brea, Echo Park, and Venice, has been offering pop-up outdoor classes in addition to its in-studio classes that focus on hot yoga. Bring your mat and be prepared to get some sand between your toes if you choose a class in Venice.

Set back from the beach in Venice, Light on Lotus Yoga has an outdoor garden space that hosts classes including Laughing Lotus, a 75-minute yoga session with aromatherapy, and Reiki. Plus they have Flow and Slow savasana yoga and traditional Dharma classes.


Parking Lot Pumpin' in Silverlake

Hype Silverlake offers lots of its classes—cycling, HIIT, BURN, and more—under open skies in their shaded outdoor space in Silver Lake as part of their Parking Lot Pumpin’ program. You have a few options for yoga: Sunset / Sunrise Flow classes are held, as you might imagine, in the morning and the evenings; midday you can do Sweat yoga that emphasizes strength; Soothe Restorative yoga is all about flexibility and mental and physical regeneration.


Yoga Atop the Roosevelt

Just about every Los Angeleno has seen the landmark sign atop the Hollywood Roosevelt. The historic spot was a hangout for the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, and Charlie Chaplin, and continues to draw trendy Tinseltown crowds today. Yoga doesn't get more LA than on a rooftop before the famed Roosevelt sign. On the weekends, you can take morning classes. But perhaps the best experiences are their daily sunset yoga classes—stretching, posing, and meditating as the sun dips down behind the Hollywood Hills.


With around 280 sunny days each year, Los Angeles is an amazing place for outside yoga classes. So, grab your mat and enjoy some yoga in LA under open skies.

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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