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YouTube Channels You Should Check Out

May 11, 2021

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From the most popular YouTubers to rising stars and today’s best YouTube channels, let’s take a look at some of the most outstanding stuff on the site.

Top Channels for Foodies

A Smorgasbord on Tasty

With over 20 million subscribers, Tasty is one of YouTube's biggest food networks. And the channel offers a dizzying number of tasty treats—from simple recipes and ways to make your favorite comfort food to tips on healthy eating and world-class chefs sharing some of their most succulent secrets. If you've got a hunger for something new to whip up in the kitchen, Tasty almost certainly has the recipe.


Binging With Babish

If you're a novice in the kitchen, Binging With Babish may be the channel for you. Channel star Andrew‌ Rea was a newbie when he began his online cooking adventures. Now that he's learned his way around the kitchen he can take you through recipes step-by-step. His Basics with Babish playlist is a great place for budding chefs to start.


Epic Meal Time to Go Big and Bold

For something a little more, well, epic, you can check out what the daring chefs at Epic Meal Time are cooking up. Grease, fat, and massive calorie counts? These guys have no fear of any of them! And the spicier the better—such as their Epic Flaming Hot Chicken and Waffles. From decadent Detroit Style Pizza to Grizzly Lasagna and the Cheese Ball Challenge, these dishes are not for the meek.


Channels for Kid-Friendly Content

Welcome to Ryan's World

With nearly 30 million subscribers and climbing, Ryan's World is one of the most popular places for kids to go online. It's where you'll find young Ryan‌Guan, who began his YouTube journey reviewing toys. Ryan and members of his family have since branched out into DIY projects, science experiments, and all-around family zaniness.


Vlad and Niki

Pint-sized brothers Vlad and Niki have over 60 million subscribers. Why do so many kids tune in? These little superstars make some amazingly creative content! You'll find the siblings testing a variety of cool toys, doing comedy with their mom, and setting off on adventures with an engaging mix of animation and music.


CoComelon Has Tunes for Tots

It may sound like a tropical drink, but CoComelon is a top channel for content geared toward younger tykes. Over 100 million subscribers can't be wrong! CoComelon is all about nursery rhymes, woven into colorful animation with infectiously catchy music that's sure to get you and your little ones singing along.


Channels to Satisfy Extreme Sports Fans

Dude Perfect for Sporty Fun

Over 50 million fans of sports (and sports-related fun) subscribe to Dude Perfect, run by a group of comedians who take a look at the lighter side of the sports world. These folks have a love for challenges, trick shots, and the offbeat in general—such as Corn Maze Nerf Battles, robot wars, barefoot Lego walks, and the ever-popular pocket flamethrower.


Redbull Spreads its Wings

Yes, that Redbull. The energy drink has a YouTube channel with some of the most awesome off-the-wall sports content you can find. Over ten million subscribers check in to watch videos such as extreme chimney climbing, off-road car races, downhill skiing challenges, skateboarding fails, and, of course, the top flugtag disasters.


Channels for Chuckles

Smosh for Sketch Comedy

Over 25 million subscribers have gotten laughs out of Smosh, one of YouTube's best sketch comedy channels. Helmed by founders Daniel‌ Padilla and‌ Ian‌ Hecox‌ (who have been at it since 2005), Smosh's comedy videos highlight the absurdities of everyday situations, spoofing the annoying folks we all know and loathe.


Laughs With Liza Koshy

We first met Liza Koshy on Vine, but now she's a certified YouTube star with over 17 million subscribers. With infectious energy and effervescent personality to spare, Liza offers a variety of comedy sketches, vlogs, and lighthearted rants about what she finds absurd in this world.


Top Personalities to Know

MrBeast Doles Out Comedy, Challenges, and Cash

MrBeast has racked up almost 60 million subscribers to date, checking out his channel to see the twenty something star host some stunning challenges. Would you sit in a bathtub full of snakes for ten grand? How about spending 24 hours in a house made of ice? MrBeast is equally known for giving out lots of cash with charity stunts.


Markiplier: Gamer Gone Funny

Approaching 30 million subscribers, Markiplier (aka Mark Edward Fischbach) is one of YouTube's best-known gamers, uploading playthroughs with colorful commentary. He tends to favor horror games—Five Nights at Freddy's, Never ending Nightmares, Amnesia: The Dark Descent—but he's just as adept at making sketch-comedy videos.

There are a lot of top YouTube channels to choose from. Sorting through the more than two billion users can be a challenge, but, hopefully, a bit easier now that you know about some of the best YouTube channels.

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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