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Brogan Graham and Knockaround

Some Movement with Brogan Graham

September 12, 2019

This is Brogan Graham, “BG” for short. Unless you’ve met him already, you’ve never met anyone like him. He’s tall, he’s loud, he’s full of good energy. He’ll talk to you, he’ll really listen to you, and he’ll hug you. He’s co-founded a global fitness movement (November Project), co-written a book, made the cover of Runner’s World, and crowd surfed the audience at TEDx. He’s all about fun, fitness, community and big hugs (did we say he hugs). He’s real, and that’s what we love. In the most admirable way possible, you never know what you’re going to get with BG.

BG’s an infectious connecter and leader, who’s chosen a life that involves a lot of movement, a lot of good vibes, (a little) nonsense, and a lot of serious people who don’t take themselves too serious.

Something We Can All Agree On: “Whatever you get hyped about, stay on it.” — Brogan “BG” Graham


Brogan Graham, Knockaround Something We Can All Agree On


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