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10 Wonderfully Weird Pet Accessories

August 13, 2021

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From strange dog accessories to bizarre cat accessories and more, we look at some of the most unique pet products out there.

Bacon Bubbles

If you've ever blown bubbles around your dog, you know how much they love to go after and pop floating bubbles. And the scent of bacon can send almost any creature into a frenzy. So, it makes sense that dogs go wild over bacon bubbles. With a solution that's similar to dish soap, bacon bubbles are non-toxic and safe for both humans and their furry friends.

A Clone for Cuddling

This one is really cool or kind of creepy, all depending on your perspective. Quite a few dog lovers know that their four-legged friend loves to play with stuffed animals. And cats often purr with glee over a plush toy. So, the folks at Cuddle Clones came up with the genius idea of giving pets a twin stuffed pal. Just upload a picture of your pet and they'll custom create a stuffed animal that looks strikingly like your pet.

A Brush for Cat Licking

Here's one that made it onto the TV show Shark Tank a few seasons back, and it's still selling strong! The LICKI Cat Brush is exactly what it sounds like, and yeah, some might think it sounds kind of gross. But other cat owners think it's a wonderful idea to be able to lick your cat without getting your tongue into the fur. The product's creators claim that cats love getting licked in the way they lick themselves and other cats. Customer reviews are mixed. Guess you'll have to get one and give your cat a good licking to see for yourself!

iFetch Ball Launcher

Who says canines need humans to have a rousing game of fetch? Well, they don't! Not if you get your pooch an iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher. All you need to do is flip on this clever little gizmo and it'll toss a ball at the distance you set: ten, 20, or 30 feet. And after your dog chases down and retrieves the ball? Well, all the dog needs to do is drop the ball in the top of the iFetch for another round.

A Pet Water Fountain

Chances are you've looked down at your pet's water bowl and seen some nasty stuff floating around. Not a problem if you pick up a Pioneer Pet drinking fountain, which continually circulates water through a charcoal filter that's powered by a small pump.

Doggie Umbrellas

You take an umbrella with you on rainy days. So why shouldn't your dog get some protection from a downpour? You've got a few options if you want to pick up a dog umbrella, such as those from Pet Life, LESYPET, or others. But pretty much all of the dog umbrellas work about the same: a leash goes from your dog's collar to a small umbrella that's attached to a handle.

A Cat Laptop

As we're pretty sure your cat can't actually use a computer, the Suck UK Cat Laptop isn't really a working laptop. But it does look like one. And it does have a mouse attached—a real mouse! Well, a real mouse toy for your cat. The "keyboard" of this laptop is actually a cardboard scratching pad, while the "screen" shows the image of an aquarium with tropical fish that should keep your cat's attention as it gets in some good scratching.

Dog Beer

Ever feel like having a cold one with man's best friend? Well, you can share a beer with your pooch if you pick up a six-pack of Bowser Beer. Don't worry, it's non-alcoholic, and the brew is actually pretty healthy for your dog, full of vitamins and glucosamine that promotes joint health. As for the taste? Your furry friend will thank you for pouring a cool refreshing doggie beer with chicken or pork flavor.

Cat Wine

If your dog is allowed to knock back a few beers, surely your cat deserves to savor a saucer of fine wine. While there's no alcohol in the Apollo Peak cat wines, there is some catnip, which felines like even better. Whether you choose Apollo's Pinot Meow, Catbernet, White Kittendel or their Moscato vintage you're getting a drink that drives most cats wild.

Doggie Doorbell

Tired of your dog scratching at the backdoor after they're done doing their outdoor business? You can just teach your pooch to ring the doorbell when it wants to come back in. That is if you get yourself a doggie doorbell. There are lots of choices, from basic bells to electronic buzzers. And maybe you'll want to get two, as your dog can use one on the inside to let you know it wants to go out.

They may be a little strange, but some of the best dog accessories and top cat products can also come in handy. So maybe you’ll make your four-legged friend happy and pick up some weird pet accessories.

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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