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If you have a pair of Knockarounds (or two, three, four, or more...) and you love them, snap a pic with them when you're out and about. When you do, share it to social and make sure to hashtag it #KnockFan. Every Friday we pick a favorite to repost. If you're the lucky #KnockFan Friday winner, you get a free pair of sunglasses (shipping included)—simply pick a pair and they'll show up in your mailbox.

Get creative! Make us smile! Make us laugh! Make us proud! Here's a look at previous #KnockFan Friday winners:

Win a Free Pair of Sunglasses with #KnockFan

Love your Knockarounds? Make sure to share your love with us on social media by using the hashtag #KnockFan. Tag your photos showing us how you wear your favorite pair and you might just win a free pair of shades! Every Friday we choose our favorite #KnockFan photo to repost, and the winning Knock Fan gets a free pair of Knockarounds as a thank you. If you’re picked, you can choose whichever pair of Knockarounds you like and we’ll send it to you for free (and we’d obviously love to see a photo of your brand-new pair, if you care to share).

If you’re here for some #KnockFan inspiration, look no further! We showcase all of our Friday favorites right here so you can explore Knockarounds in the wild. Throw them on your pets, babies, kids, mannequins… we don’t care! We love to see our high-quality, stylish sunglasses in their natural habitat (that’s anywhere there’s adventure), so make sure to use #KnockFan to show us yours while you’re on the water, scaling mountains, or breaking records on the racetrack. No matter the collection or colorway, Knockarounds look great on camera.

More to Explore
Make sure to follow Knockaround on social media (@Knockaround) to stay on top of what’s new and to share your photos and ideas with us. That’s also where you’ll find the latest information about our Limited Editions and collaborative releases—these sunglasses typically sell out fast! Check out all of our #KnockTags to explore Knockarounds on vacation, on the slopes, and on your furry friends.

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