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All For Family

Family is a wonderful thing. Whether they’re the folks you grew up with or ones you chose along the way, there isn’t another group of people quite like them. Like relationship sage Vin Diesel says in The Fast and The Furious, “what’s real is family,” so even when they get on your nerves, keep in mind that these are the people that would do anything for you and vice-versa. Now’s as good a time as any to pop on this playlist, grab your phone and a beverage, and make a few calls to those you consider family. You’ll be happy you did!


The Temptations with “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”

Most people consider it inappropriate to make a 'dad joke' if you're not a dad.

It’s a faux pa.

Scissor Sisters with “Take Your Mama”

Your mom has been partying decades longer than you’ve even been alive. Take her out on the town some night—you might be surprised with how much fun you have. That is, unless you’re worried about her outdoing you.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince with “Parents Just Don’t Understand”

Getting dressed in ridiculous clothing by your parents is a rite of passage for most of us. Simply an unavoidable part of life. But at least the photos that come out of it are comedy gold down the road.

If you’re a parent and you’re reading this hoping for some advice on clothing your kids won’t balk at, check out our Kids Premiums. You can thank us later.


John Mayer with “Daughters”

Back in the day, Knockaround made a whole bunch of custom sunglasses for John Mayer’s 40th birthday party held on a yacht in Brazil. Are we best friends with John Mayer? We really can’t say.

But, yes.


Avicii with “Hey Brother”

This one’s notorious for pulling out the nostalgia factor. And the jam factor. And the fun factor. Classic Avicii.


Brian David Gilbert with “Siblings”

Siblings are the friends we’re given at birth, and if we’re lucky we get to keep them for a lifetime. Few people can balance the positions of “accomplice” and “rival” so well, which is probably why the relationships between siblings are so special. Plus, they know all our darkest childhood secrets.


Vulfpeck with “Aunt Leslie”

Are you team “ant,” “ahnt,” or “awnt?”


Grateful Dead with “Uncle John’s Band”

We all know that one family that’s just chock full of musical talent. It must be pretty sweet to sit around the living room and jam with your tightest crew until the night grows old. Probably harder to get good sleep in those houses though.

If your family is the musical one and you’re looking to get a little matchy-matchy for your next show, check out our CUSTOM Shop and create some unique shades for your band!


The Judds with “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days)”

Older folks spin the best yarns, don’t they? Maybe being a good storyteller is a superpower you get once you reach elderhood. Or maybe it’s just the fact that a life’s worth of adventures tends to make for better tales. Either way, listening to someone who’s been around the block a few times is always worth your time.


John Denver with “Grandma’s Feather Bed”

Nine feet high and six feet wide is quite the mattress, but Mr. Sunshine On My Shoulders makes a good observation about how childhood memories feel. The tree in your old backyard that seemed to reach the sky, the enormous gymnasium at your elementary school, the deck at your grandparents’ house that you used to jump off of and could have sworn was at least 15 feet off the ground—things just seem larger than life when we’re younger. Maybe that’s why we look back so fondly on old memories. It’s fun to imagine how grand everything was, right? And who’s checking the facts anyways?


Bonus: Sister Sledge with “We Are Family”

Don’t take your time with loved ones for granted. They’re what it’s all about.

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