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Fifteen years. To some, that means a driver’s license is right around the corner. To some, it means you’re no longer at the bottom of the high-school totem pole. To us, it means we’ve put a decade and a half of hard work into building what Knockaround has become. From a side hobby in a cramped art studio, to a full-steam operation with global reach, Knockaround has certainly seen its share of growth. And DANG are we excited for more.



The Rolling Stones with "Start Me Up"

2005: Equipped with a simple Photoshopped logo, 288 pairs of bright neon sunglasses, and a very basic self-created website, Adam “Ace” Moyer starts Knockaround.


JAY-Z with "My 1st Song”

2006: As a full-time grad student at UCSD, Knockaround is Ace’s side project, selling sunglasses to undergrads on campus.


Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock with “It Takes Two”

2007: Ace becomes known as the “sunglasses guy” around the UCSD campus, and orders begin to trickle in through the website. Emphasis on trickle.


Bob Marley & The Wailers with "Three Little Birds"

2008: Finished with grad school and struggling to get a job (or an interview for that matter), Ace thinks “Hey, maybe Knockaround could be my full-time job!”


Buffalo Springfield with "For What It’s Worth”

2009: Growth, propelled by word of mouth and an investment by a small VC firm called Imprint, leads Knockaround to be featured on The Today Show and mentioned on the website Daily Candy.


T-Pain, Lily Allen, Wiz Khalifa with "5 O’Clock"

2010: FINALLY, Knockaround buys “” (ever heard of it?) and moves from Ace’s garage to a small warehouse in National City, CA, just a few minutes south of downtown San Diego.


George Ezra with "Song 6"

“2011: With Snoop Dogg rocking Knocks on the red carpet, a sunglasses partnership with the San Diego Padres (including Ace throwing out a first pitch), and a group of new full-time employees, things are really starting to take off for Knockaround.


Queen with "Seven Seas of Rhye"

2012: Knockaround moves into a new 12,000 sq ft office and warehouse in San Diego. Big moves!


The Beatles with "Eight Days a Week”

2013: Madsteez, the talented and self-proclaimed “ART!ST, V!S!ONARY, and WEENA!SSANCE MAN,” paints a 20 foot mural of Tom Selleck at Knockaround HQ. Check him out. Madsteez that is. Or Tom Selleck works too we guess.


Moon Hooch with "Number 9"

2014: GQ Magazine calls Knockaround “our new favorite brand” and we collectively blush.


Tracy Byrd with “Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo”

2015: Knockaround celebrates its 10 year anniversary, dubbed “Decade of Knocks.”


Hank Williams, Jr. with "Eleven Roses"

2016: Knockaround branches out by starting its wholesale program, building a tradeshow booth and in-store displays, and getting into brick-and-mortar retailers nationwide.


The Mamas & The Papas with "Twelve Thirty"

2017: Custom Knocks play a big role in John Mayer’s 40th birthday party (which was on a giant yacht in Brazil). Sadly we, um...couldn’t make it. We totally got invited though.

John Legend (current “Sexiest Man Alive,” ever heard of him?) also started rockin’ our shades.

Big year for people named John.


Big Star with "Thirteen"

2018: Knockaround moves into a new office and a separate new warehouse. Things are lookin’ GOOD.


ICBM with "Fourteen"

2019: Knockaround goes HAM on new releases, including four brand-new frame styles, our Sport Collection, Fort Knocks Deluxe, and snow goggles.


Taylor Swift with "Fifteen"

2020: Knockaround celebrates its 15 year anniversary. The year has just begun, but we’re excited for 2020. From new products, to new partners, to (most importantly) new fans, this should be one for the books.


JAY-Z and Swizz Beatz with "On To The Next One"



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