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Let's Get Together!

We missed out on a lot of togetherness this past year, which makes it all the more exciting to have grill-outs, concerts, sporting events, and all sorts of other shindigs. If you’re as stoked as we are to get back with the gang, crank your speakers and pop on this playlist celebrating togetherness!


Janet Jackson with “Together Again”

The recent “light at the end of the tunnel” vibes have been freaking fantastic, there’s really no debating it. With guidelines becoming more lax and gatherings becoming more frequent (and safe), it’s starting to feel like the old days. It’s safe to say most of us have learned a whole lot this past year or so, and we’ve got our sights set on a future so bright we’ll have to wear—just kidding, we can’t make that joke. It’s too easy even for us.

The Beatles with “Come Together”

When you’re the most popular band in the world and California gubernatorial candidate and prominent psychologist Timothy Leary asks you to write him a campaign song to beat out opponent Ronald Reagan, apparently gobbledygook is what you come up with. That John Lennon really liked penning nonsense hit songs.

Rick Astley with “Together Forever”

Newsflash for those of you who grew up in the digital age: this guy did more in his career than provide us the soundtrack for rickrolling.


Jack Johnson with “Better Together”

Virtual concerts boomed last year, and while they weren’t the same experience as in-person shows they still managed to do some good! For example, Jack Johnson, along with artists like Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews, and many more, raised over $40,000 to help farm families in crisis through the Farm Aid 2020 virtual music festival. Turns out getting together from afar can get things done too!


The Turtles with “Happy Together”

Our former collab partner Weezer (uhhh ever heard of ‘em?) covered this song on their 2019 album Weezer (Teal Album). This collection of covers companioned their other 2019 album, Weezer (Black Album), which we actually made a special pair of sunglasses for! It’s hard to compare the fine-tuned Weezer version to the raucous chorus that The Turtles laid down, but it’s dang good regardless.


The Who with “Join Together”

The mouth harp really doesn’t get featured in as many songs as it should.


Jurassic 5 with “Get It Together”

Grab your wicker baskets and checkered cloths, folks, it’s picnic season! Back in the day, beach hangouts were a Knock Crew favorite, and we’re beyond excited to get back to them. Returning to the office will be nice too, but come on, it’s no match for volleyball, brews, and party subs.


Al Green with “Let’s Stay Together”

Thankfully it looks like those time limits at restaurants are going to be things of the past. Let’s keep doing the whole “tip more than usual” thing though, and while we’re at it, continue to support small and local businesses!


Rolling Stones with “Let’s Spend the Night Together”

Summer is here, which means prime camping is too. Call your buddies and let them know: it’s time to shake things up on vacation with a night under the stars! If you need help with your packing list, check out our blog on the essentials, and if you’re bringing the kids along, the Campfire Kids Premiums are the perfect addition to get them excited about spending time in the great outdoors!


Taylor Swift with “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Yes we are.


Bonus: Thin Lizzy with “The Boys Are Back In Town”

If this doesn’t get you riled up to meet up with friends you haven’t seen in a while, we’re not sure what will. Get it, Knock Fans.

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