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Loud Crowds Knockmix

Loud Crowds

Buzzer beaters, home runs, Hail Marys, shootouts, close races, long putts. The moments that give us chills just thinking about are back and WOW does it feel good. After a year of cardboard cutouts, we’re right on the brink of parking our butts in stadium seats once again. So until the taste of overpriced hot dogs fill our mouths and the roar of the crowd graces our eardrums, pop on your favorite jersey, wind up a highlight reel, and crank your speakers with us. Sports. Are. Back.


Trick Daddy, Lil Jon, and Twista with "Let’s Go

Before the SAN DIEGO Chargers broke our hearts and left for our neighbors to the north, each home game featured this classic right at kickoff. Ozzy’s iconic guitar riff and Lil Jon’s truly angelic vocals combined for a rush of unmatched excitement that rocketed through the crowd.

Who knew it was just a forewarning for what was to come.

AC/DC with "Hells Bells"

Another trip down memory lane takes us to Petco Park, home of our San Diego Padres. When games came down to the wire, or we needed to protect a lead, there was only one sound you wanted to hear.


Trevor Hoffman steps out of the bullpen. The crowd goes wild. The save is all but guaranteed. Play ball.

The Alan Parsons Project with "Sirius"

Bring ‘em out, bring ‘em out! Nothing raises an arm hair like the first few synthesized notes of this simple yet iconic melody. Made famous by the dynastic 90’s Bulls, teams all over the world now march their warriors out to this tune.

Speaking of which, we’ve got a heck of a lineup coming out these next few months, including a new star standout that’s sure to make some highlight reels. Stay tuned for more.


The Fans with "The Name of the Game"

Fun fact: this song is not called “Oleeee Ole Ole Oleeee, Oleeeee, Oleeeeee.”

But it should be.


The White Stripes with "Seven Nation Army"

Look, we usually don’t go to sports games for a cerebral experience (that’s what theater is for). When most of your time is spent yelling in the direction of millionaires, it’s no surprise that any song with an easily chantable rhythm automatically becomes a rallying cry for everyone from the front row to the nosebleeds.


Darude with "Sandstorm"

Toni-Ville Henrik Virtanen has got to be responsible for more grey hairs on structural engineers than anyone else on the planet. Gotta tip your hat to a DJ whose music gets a crowd to register on the Richter Scale though.


Zombie Nation with "Kernkraft 400"

Yes, this is a real song. It’s that song.


House of Pain with "Jump Around"

“We came to get down, we came to get down, so get off your feet and Knockaround!”

Was that lame? Maybe. Whatever. We’re still going to bounce to it.


Gary Glitter with "Rock ‘n’ Roll Part 2"

It doesn’t matter what language you speak if the only lyric is “HEY!” A true singalong for the people.


Queen with "We Will Rock You"

Rockin’ your Knocks at the ballpark is a time honored tradition. When you hear the crack of a bat and the crowd starts yelling, a trusty pair of shades can be the difference between watching a home run sail into your outstretched hand and having the ball bounce off your head.

Look out for us this next year during Padres games—we might just have a little surprise for you.


Bonus: Leo Arnaud, John Williams, and the Boston Pops Orchestra "Bugler’s Dream and Olympic Fanfare Medley"

The year might be 2021 but we’re beyond stoked to hit the play button on Tokyo 2020 this summer. Not even going to joke about the misnomer.

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