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Rolling Stones with "Paint it Black"

If you’re reading this it’s too late, you already know: Black Friday is fast approaching and Knockaround is going to paint it black. Without giving away too many secrets, stay tuned for details on one of the greatest events in Knockaround history. Oh, and do like Mick Jagger would do, mark your calendar and sign up for a reminder. 11.24.17


The Cure with "Friday I’m in Love"

Here at Knockaround we spend a lot of time thinking about the day after Thanksgiving. And here’s what’s cool about that day: it’s always a Friday, and we’re always in love with hooking you up with a great deal on some cool sunglasses. Need a new pair of shades? We’ve got The Cure.


Pearl Jam with "Black"

This song kind of slips into itself, like the way you might transition from your office desk at 4:30pm to a happy hour with friends at 5pm. Anticipating something heavy, slowly rumbling into the adventures that your weekend might bring.


Ice Cube with "Friday"

It’s taken years of practice, but our Director of Marketing, Tony, can now perfectly recreate the “Brhhhhhhh” noise that Ice Cube makes at the beginning of this song. If you ever want to get excited for a Friday morning, look no further than this banger.


Wiz Khalifa (feat. Snoop Dogg) with "Black and Yellow (Remix)"

Alright, here’s some trivia: who was the first major celebrity to wear a pair of Knockarounds? If you said Snoop Dogg then, damnit, you’re exactly right. OK, side note: how ridiculous are T-Pain’s eyewear choices in this video?


Steely Dan with "Black Friday"

You can’t make a Black Friday playlist and not include a song called “Black Friday.” Was Steely Dan thinking about Knockarounds when he wrote this song? Probably not. But with lyrics like these, who knows what the hell he was thinking about…

”Gonna do just what I please
Gonna wear no socks and shoes
With nothing to do but feed
All the kangaroos”


Michael Jackson with "Black or White"

Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video came out in 1991 and was groundbreaking at the time. Skip ahead to 5:27 and you’ll see what we mean. That face morphing is incredible! While our Custom Shop isn’t quite as old (and didn’t have a $7million budget), we like to think we were similarly groundbreaking in the affordable sunglasses market when it launched in 2010.


Loverboy with "Working for the Weekend"

FYI: here at Knockaround HQ we won’t be working for the weekend, we’ll be working on the weekend. Just to ensure that your Black Friday orders get shipped as fast as humanly possible, we’ll be packing orders (and answering Custom Service tickets) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (11/24-11/26).


Jimmy Buffett with "Come Monday"

Black Friday will be fun, no doubt. We’re confident you’ll find a deal (and a new pair of shades) that you’ll want to tell some friends about (please do, #knockaround.) But on the off chance you miss Black Friday (gasp!), don’t worry… Monday is right around the corner.


Three 6 Mafia with "Stay Fly"

If you’re on the Knockaround website right now (which you are) then you understand what (Academy Award winning) Three 6 Mafia is talking about. Gotta Stay Fly.

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