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Outside Lands Festival

Music festivals are back in full swing and we’re right there with everyone else who is currently yelling “FINALLY!” Knockaround is stoked to be the Official Eyewear Partner of this year’s Outside Lands Festival, so to kick off the release of the 2022 lineup we put together a sampler of what you’ll hear at Golden Gate Park from August 5-7. If you’re looking for a pre-concert playlist to get your crew hyped, then smash this play button, turn your speakers up to 11, and get ready for a wild ride!

Knockaround will be all over Outside Lands this year. When you get there, make sure to swing by our tent to grab some shades and have some fun! Stay tuned for more details.


Green Day with “Basket Case”

Raise your hand if your first CD was Dookie.

Yeah, that’s why these guys are still headlining festivals after 35 years of playing music rocking faces off.

Post Malone with “Circles”

At this point do you think we could convince Posty to get a face tat of our script logo? He seems to be a fan of those, and our logo issss pretty darn good looking. We’ll see if we can get in touch with his people and make a proposition.

SZA with “Good Days”

“Always sunny inside. Good day living in my mind.”

Hey, life isn’t always going to go in your favor. But if you know that somewhere, somehow good times are ahead it makes it a lot easier to keep going. SZA’s got a mindset that we here at Knockaround are totally on board with.


Jack Harlow with “First Class”

Maybe we’re just suckers for nostalgia, but this has to be one of the coolest integrations of a sample in recent memory. Jack Harlow is hot on the scene and he isn’t going anywhere any time soon. But you probably already knew that.


Weezer with “Pork and Beans”

Important reminder to all you festival goers out there: It’s a long day, make sure you eat something. Especially if you’re consuming a few adult beverages. You’ll thank yourself later. No one wants their concert experience ruined by having to visit the medical tent for some graham crackers and a juice box.

Side note: if you haven’t checked out the collab we did with Weezer back in the day, you can peep it here!


Phoebe Bridgers with “Motion Sickness”

If you’ve ever watched The Big Lebowski on television after having previously seen it as it was originally released (ie. when they let the F-word slip 280 times over the course of the 117 minute movie), you may have noticed a funky change in dialogue as Walter beats the tar out of the Corvette parked in front of Little Larry Sellers’ house. As heard on the censored TV broadcast, Walter shouts “You see what happens, Larry? You see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?”

We’ll let you do your homework if you want to hear the original version, but long story short the title of Bridgers’ debut album “Stranger in the Alps” (which features Motion Sickness) is a reference to this very strange, very funny censorship swap.


ILLENIUM, Gryffin, and Daya with “Feel Good”

Two words: light show.


Lil Uzi Vert with “20 Min”

Lil Uzi once implanted a $24 million diamond in his forehead. This to say, the guy’s got showmanship in his DNA. Probably a show worth at least swinging by.


Kali Uchis with “telepatía”

You ever just look at your friend and instantly you know which pair of matching shades to grab for the party tonight? Maybe that’s just us. We do spend a lot of time around sunglasses though, so perhaps it’s an acquired ability. You’ll get there one day if you haven’t already.


Disclosure feat. Sam Smith with “Latch”

We’re going to be on site at Outside Lands this year and you should DEFINITELY swing by our booth to say hi (or share in some snacks, beverages, sunglasses swapping, who knows…we’re still planning a few things).

Full disclosure though: we’re probably going to be very hopped up on the energy of the event. Things could will get interesting.


Bonus: Tre’ Amani with “Ballin”

Hey, just because an artist is listed last on the lineup sheet doesn’t mean they aren’t worth going to watch. On the contrary, it could be an even better concert because it’ll probably be a bit easier to get up close to the action! We figured we’d give Tre’ Amani a little shine here to get you hyped for his set.


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