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Colorful wheel of custom Knockaround sunglasses


For most of us, color dictates a lot about how we live our lives. It affects what we put on in the morning, how we decorate our living spaces, where we want to hang out. Color can start conversations and stop us in our tracks. And the best part is, you don’t have to go to art school to appreciate the power of a pigment or the wow-factor of a certain wavelength—when you see a color you love, you just feel it.

If this has you feeling a touch inspired, grab your palettes and paint brushes (or whatever creative implement you’ve got lying around), crank up your speaker, and have a little fun with color.* We’re going through the full spectrum on this one.

*No crayons or markers nearby? Hit up our CUSTOM Shop to let your artistic side out and design a unique pair like the ones below!


custom fast lanesUB40 with “Red Red Wine”

We usually go for beer around here, but a nice glass of vino from time to time can certainly make a good meal great or a fun date night fantastic. Just watch it around the new couch, eh?

Custom Fort KnocksR.E.M. with “Orange Crush”

Root beer floats are delicious, but we all owe it to ourselves to branch out on the “soda + ice cream” front. Here’s a start:

Creamsicle Float:

• Step 1: Lump two+ scoops of vanilla ice cream into your cup (or just pack your container as much as you possibly can, we won’t judge).
• Step 2: Fill the cracks, nooks, and crannies with one can of orange soda. Orange Crush certainly works, but a Sunkist or Fanta will do the trick as well. If your cup can’t handle a full 12oz, polish off the rest yourself.
• Step 3: Consume.
• Step 4 (optional): Repeat.

Custom Mai TaisCardi B with “Bodak Yellow”

Dear Cardi B,

If you’re reading this, please know that we’ll set you and your crew up with shades for your next music video. They seem to be pretty popular.

If you’re reading this and you’re not Cardi B but you have a way of getting in touch with her, please let us know. Thanks!

Custom PremiumsLorde with “Green Light”

If there’s anything this song green lights, it’s a dance party. Doesn’t matter where, doesn’t matter when—it’s inescapable. At least that’s been our experience.

Custom Paso RoblesEiffel 65 with “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”

Turn your speaker up, da ba dee da ba di.

Custom Torrey PinesPrince with “Purple Rain”

Okay, so we’re not exactly doing ROY G BIV “by the book” here, but we couldn’t find an “indigo” song that beats this “purple” one (frankly, not many songs beat this track regardless of their affiliation with color). If you’re still not on board with the swap, watch Prince’s performance of Purple Rain at the 2007 Super Bowl Halftime show where he shredded his guitar in the middle of a monsoon and tell us it doesn’t get you fired up.

Custom Mai TaisBad Suns with “Violet”

Violet is the end of the visible color spectrum, but the lightwave party sure doesn’t stop there. While we make it easy to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays (all of our lenses have UV400 protection), we’re also working on a way to use those same UV rays to make your shades even cooler…

Curious? Stay tuned for upcoming Special Releases and subscribe to our SMS notifications for more info on this rad project!

Custom Fort KnocksAmy Winehouse with “Back To Black”

There’s a reason our black colorways consistently rank among our top sellers: they go with everything. Sure, pops of color are undeniably fun, but it’s always good to have a sleek, subtle, timeless pair of black shades handy.

If your collection is in need of a pair that works with any outfit, check out what we’ve got here.

Custom PremiumsFrank Ocean with “Pink + White”

Pink + White? Now that’s what we call a twofer! As a San Diegan company, we’re keen on all things ocean related—musicians included. It certainly helps that Frank has some of the smoothest lyrics and delivery in the game.

Custom Fast LanesGrateful Dead with “Brown Eyed Woman (Live at Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 5/8/77)

Everyone’s got their own opinion of which year, which venue, which night had the best version of *insert Dead song here.* For our money, 5/8/77 is the best Brown Eyed Woman out there. Feel free to send us your thoughts though, we’re always game to dive into this rabbit hole.

Custom PremiumsBONUS: Kermit the Frog with “Rainbow Connection”

Find your own rainbow connection in our CUSTOM Shop. With millions of possible color combinations, there’s bound to be an option that fits exactly who you are, whatever your style preference. Click here to design yourself a truly unique pair of sunglasses!

P.S. Is this the most touching song by an amphibious recording artist of all time? Many are saying yes. We tend to agree.

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