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The Eyes Have It

Who's looking for an end of the year playlist focused on the thing that Knockarounds protect the best?! All in favor, say "Eye!" All opposed, say "Nay!"

Looks like the eyes have it! Take a listen to the final Knockmix of 2018.

Oh, and keep checking back in 2019 for a new Knockmix each month right here on We guarantee we'll keep your speakers booming and your ears burning.


Survivor with "Eye of the Tiger"

Sure, this song probably makes you think about Rocky Balboa—but it’s so much more than the training theme from a popular boxing movie! Eye of the Tiger has inspired generations of athletes to perform at their peak. And for our Marketing Director, Tony, this song played loudly in his headphones provides the perfect “pump up” for all of the important meetings that fill his calendar each day.


Kim Carnes with "Bette Davis Eyes"

The biggest hit of 1981, Kim Carnes’ classic track from the beginning of the Reagan decade has inspired thousands of people to wonder “Who was Bette Davis?” Not only was Bette Davis one of the greatest Hollywood actresses from the 30’s and 40’s, she was also the first female president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. And now you know.


2Pac with "All Eyez on Me"

Where were you in 1996? We know where 2Pac was: releasing his fourth studio album that featured hits like “How Do U Want It” and “California Love”. This track, titled the same as the album, was explained by 2Pac in an interview with MTV’s Bill Bellamy. “Everybody’s looking to see what I’mma do now so All Eyez on Me.”


Hall & Oates with "Private Eyes"

Arguably the most underrated Hall & Oates song, “Private Eyes” has endeared independent investigators and pop fans alike since its debut in 1981. The handclap chorus makes this track an audience-participation favorite… and the blazer that Daryl Hall dons in the video makes it a pea-industry favorite as well.


Lady Gaga with "Brown Eyes"

Everyone knows the song “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison (276 million plays on Spotify!), but most people don’t know this song by the A Star is Born starlet, Lady Gaga. Approximately 79% of the world’s population has brown eyes. Know anyone with green eyes? Those account for only 2% of the world population. Very rare.


Run the Jewels with "Close Your Eyes"

Time to turn it up a notch. “Close Your Eyes” is a good song to bump in your car when you’re feeling excited… and maybe a little anxious. But we’ve got to remind El-P and Killer Mike: if the sun is shining, don’t feel like you need to close your eyes. For $20, pick up a pair of Knockarounds and protect your retinas.


Kelly Clarkson with "Behind These Hazel Eyes"

A song recorded for her second studio album, “Behind These Hazel Eyes”, narrates Clarkson’s broken relationship with an ex-boyfriend. In her words, “[this song] is about the dipstick who completely screwed up and now is unhappy and you’re happy.” Hazel eyes make up about 5-8% of the world population.


The Alan Parsons Project with "Eye in the Sky"

“From North Carolina, at guard, 6’6”, Michael Jordan!” If you’re a Chicago Bulls fan, or a 90’s basketball fan, this song might remind you of Pippen, Rodman, and His Airness taking the court for all those Chi-town home games. Even though it’s the second part of the well-known “Sirius” track, we’re not so sure Alan Parsons is a Bulls fan… he’s from London and now lives in Santa Barbara, California.


Halsey with "Eyes Closed”

Co-written with The Weeknd, this 2017 song by Halsey has an electro-soft rock feel to it. PopCrush staff writers called “Eyes Closed”, “moody, chill inducing.” Yep, sounds about right. Hey, Halsey: even if you decide to open your eyes, we’ve got you covered.


Peter Gabriel with "In Your Eyes"

Want to see an extreme close-up of some British eyes? Look no further than the video for Peter Gabriel’s biggest hit, dating back to 1986. Want to see the shirtless pecks of a 35-year-old ex-Genesis frontman from Surrey, England? Again, look no further than this video. Into unusual Hollywood footage from the 1950’s? Look no further than… well, you get the picture. A great song. An unusual video.


BONUS: Third Eye Blind with "The Background”

A lot goes on behind-the-scenes at Knockaround in order to make sure you, the customer, gets the shades you need, the way you ordered them, on time. Our design team comes up with great new products, our production team makes sure those products arrive to us on time, our marketing team makes sure you know about those products, our warehouse team makes sure you get the products ASAP, and our customer service team is there in case anything goes wrong. It all happens in the background… you just get to wear the cool shades.

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