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The Marley Family and Knockaround Sunglasses Announce Licensing Collaboration for Sunglasses and Snow Goggles

September 21, 2023

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The Marley family and Knockaround Sunglasses are thrilled to announce a collaboration that will see Knockaround become an official provider of sunglasses and snow goggles featuring reggae icon Bob Marley. This collaboration brings together Knockaround's leading sunglasses and goggles with the legacy of Bob Marley to deliver iconic product. 

Knockaround will design and produce a collection of sunglasses and snow goggles featuring Bob Marley imagery and iconography. Combining fashion-forward design with superior UV protection and optimal vision, these eyewear options will reflect the unique identity and colors of this worldwide icon, enabling fans to proudly show their fandom while protecting their eyes in various conditions.

"We are incredibly excited to collaborate with the Marley family and bring our passion for sunglasses and style with this legendary figure," said Jeffrey R. Hennion, CEO of Knockaround. "We believe that these Bob Marley-inspired sunglasses and snow goggles will become essential accessories for his legions of fans, allowing them to show their admiration for Bob Marley whether they are in the sun or on the slopes."

"The Marley family is very excited to work with Knockaround to create a line of sunglasses and snow goggles that will showcase my family's Jamaican roots and the reggae culture in new, creative ways," said Cedella Marley.

The eyewear collection, which is slated to be available to the public in early 2024, will provide fashionable and functional accessories for Bob Marley fans in both sunny and snowy conditions.

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding the official release of the Bob Marley eyewear collection by following Bob Marley social media channels ( and @bobmarley) and visiting the Knockaround website at

About Knockaround

Knockaround is the original, affordable sunglasses company from San Diego, founded by Adam "Ace" Moyer in 2005. Centered around durable shades that are both practical and stylish, Knockaround provides high-quality sunglasses and snow goggles that won't break the bank. Knockaround has grown to offer numerous different frame styles in a wide range of colors, ongoing Limited Edition special releases, collaborations, and an interactive "design your own" custom eyewear shop. Knockaround Eyewear has been featured in GQ, US Weekly, and The Today Show and worn by countless celebrities, including Matthew McConaughey, John Mayer, Natalie Portman, Snoop Dogg, and John Legend. For more information, visit or follow (@knockaround) on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

About Marley Merchandising LLC

The Marley brand honors the timeless values of Bob Marley by uniting people around the world under the banner of One Love. Marley Merchandising, LLC, a wholly owned Marley family entity, owns, licenses and markets a portfolio of Marley consumer brands globally, including: House of Marley, Marley Beverage Co, Marley Natural®, Marley Kitchen®, Marley Coffee®, and Bob Marley®. For more information, visit and @bobmarley on social media.