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Class Acts

Class Acts is Knockaround’s ongoing campaign that aims to donate money, resources, and art supplies to local, underfunded elementary schools. Art is a crucial part of companies like Knockaround and plays a significant role in our daily surroundings. That is why it is so important for us to show young people the artistic career opportunities available to them in the future.

Every year we visit local elementary schools to talk about the importance of art and then give the students an opportunity to design their own special pair of sunglasses. Of those, one winning design is selected, produced, and sold on as our annual pair of Class Acts sunglasses. All proceeds from the sale are then donated to the participating elementary schools and our charitable partner, ArtReach.

Last year's winner, the After the Storm Premiums, were designed by San Diego 5th-grader, Jayden Crenshaw, from Madison Elementary. Jayden’s unique design features frosted Rainstorm Grey fronts, Cloudbreak Blue lenses, and rainbow covered arms. Pulling inspiration from Jayden’s original drawing, each pair has a front-and-center rain pattern and a small cloud logo laser etched on the left lens. Every pair came with a miniature version of Jayden’s original design and a blue poncho (to tide you over until the rainbow appears)!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a pair of our Class Acts sunglasses! You have helped us greatly in our ongoing campaign to support local elementary art education!

Previous Winners

2015-2016: "After the Storm" by 5th Grader Jayden

2014-2015: "Striker" by 4th Grader Evan

2014-2015: "Nacho" by 4th Grader Vanessa

2014-2015: "Shark Attack" by 5th Grader Sebastian

Want to take a shot at designing some sunglasses? Download and print the PDF worksheet here. Get creative, have some fun, and be sure to snap and share a photo on social media when it's done (tag @knockaround and hashtag #knockaroundclassacts).



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