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You know, produce looks great in sunglasses. Especially Knockaround sunglasses.

Pineapples, cauliflower, strawberries, kumquats, bok choy… Strolling through the supermarket, it’s rare that I see a fruit or vegetable that couldn’t use some eye protection. Ah, but you object that for potatoes and other root vegetables, Knocks just aren't necessary. I disagree—haven't you ever looked into the beautiful eyes of a Russet or Yukon Gold after it's been harvested? Even spuds need shades.

So let’s get it going, y’all! Next time you’re hunting the ol' squash patch for a keeper, whipping up Nana's coleslaw recipe, or just stopping off for a bag of clementines, grab your Knockarounds and put them on your favorite fruit or vegetable. Snap a quick pic on your phone, and post it to Instagram. Be sure to tag your photo with #knocksonproduce. We’ll be picking our favorites—and hooking up the winning photographers with some sweet promo codes and Knockaround swag.

Let me tell you a quick story. When I was six years old my mom brought home a honeydew melon from the grocery store. "How do you know when it's ripe?" I asked. My mom picked up the melon and shook it gently. "When a honeydew is ripe, the fibers inside will separate a bit. If you can hear the seeds rattle, you know it's ready to cut." "Cool!" I exclaimed. Then, my mom took off her Vuarnet sunglasses and put them on the honeydew.

Alright, I’m headed out to the farmer’s market. I hear there are some squinting artichokes that need me. —Ace


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