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Madsteez and Magnum P.I.

At Knockaround, we pull inspiration from a wide range of people, places, and things.  At the top of that inspirational list is Thomas Magnum (aka, Magnum, P.I.), arguably the greatest television character of the 1980s.

Why Magnum, you might ask?  Well, besides the fact that the dude had his sunglasses game on lock, "The Mags" reached Knockaround-superstar-status by 1. living on the eternally sunny island of Oahu, Hawaii, 2.  wearing Hawaiian shirts everyday, and 3.  driving a red Ferrari 308 GTS.

The light-green breakroom wall at Knockaround HQ was feeling a little empty, so Ace dropped a line to artist Mark Paul Darren (aka. MADSTEEZ), whom he had met several months earlier in- where else?- Oahu, Hawaii.  Mark agreed that Magnum's strong features, flowing hair, and epic mustache would fill the wall nicely, and, without another thought, the dates were set.

Carried out in his signature purple and neon hues, MADSTEEZ's Magnum portrait is a constant reminder of the tropical beaches and exotic sports cars that go so nicely with a fresh pair of Knockarounds.

  • Madsteez Progress Pic 1
  • Madsteez Progress Pic 2
  • Madsteez Progress Pic 3
  • Madsteez Progress Pic 4

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