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Woman and man wearing Knockaround Blue Light Blockers

Blue Light Blockers

Staring at a screen? Protect your eyes from emitted blue light with a pair of these stylish, clear lens glasses. 



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Knockaround Blue Light Blockers

You probably already know that UV rays harm your eyes, but did you know that there’s another kind of light usually found indoors that can damage them, too? This kind of light is called blue light, and it emits from TVs, computers, smartphones, and tablets. And if you’re anything like us, you probably spend a good portion of your day staring down the metaphorical blue hole, so proper eye protection is key. Knockaround blue light blocker glasses help protect your eyes from the harmful effects associated with this kind of light.

Our blue light blocking glasses feature a clear or yellow tinted lens that helps filter out damaging blue light from all of your screens. And the cool thing about Knockaround Blue Light Blockers is that they actually look stylish, so you won’t feel weird rocking them at the office or while you lounge around looking at your smartphone or tablet. We’ve got sleek blue light blockers in a wide range of cool colorways, including best-selling solid-colored and patterned frames. We also offer blue light blocker lenses in our popular Custom Premiums and Custom Fort Knocks styles.

All-Around Protection for All-Day Wear
What makes our blue light blocker glasses unique is that not only do they include blue light blocking lenses, but they also feature UV400 protection, so you can wear them indoors and out without having to swap out your shades. Plus, they’re made with the same high-quality, durable and long-lasting constructions as all your favorite Knocks, with impact-resistant lenses that will stay in great shape no matter how much you beat them up (within reason, of course). Make sure to stock up on your favorite pairs now at