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Featuring our new Knockterra™ performance lens tech, rubberized adjustable nose grips, and flexible non-slip arms, these shades emphasize performance without sacrificing style or comfort. 
Sport Sunglasses with Neon Yellow Frames and Yellow Lenses, Front Sport Sunglasses with Neon Yellow Frames and Yellow Lenses, Flyover
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Rubberized High Voltage

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Campeones - Wraparound Sunglasses For Your Next Adventure

Breaking news: Knockaround now makes a wraparound! That’s right, our latest wraparound sunglasses are known as Campeones, and they’re here to assist your next fiery recreational adventure. Whether you’re into sports or just need a pair for full-coverage lounging, we’re here to offer you six different color options so you stay in charge of your look.

Focus is the name of the game in sports like baseball, and keeping your eye on the ball can make or break an inning. That’s where Campeones wraparound sunglasses for baseball save the day, since they were specifically developed to minimize visual distortion when you’re under pressure. Never let the ball get away again, and stay on top of that lightning-fast runner that keeps getting in your way.

If cycling is more your speed (pun intended), Campeones wrapping sunglasses won’t let you down when the heat is on. The entirety of the lightweight polycarbonate lens features impact resistance in case of the unexpected, and the modular design of these wrapping shades will make you the envy of cyclists far and wide for your standout style.

Even when outdoor temps are high, these wraparound shades offer an oleophobic and hydrophobic lens coating to repel both water and oil, so splash and sweat are worries of the past. Plus, UV400 protection means you’ll have a massive sun safeguard no matter how rowdy your day gets. We know you’ll look sublime regardless of which color you choose, and the ‘K’ detailing will always let both your teammates and opponents know where they can mimic your top-notch taste.