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Fort Knocks Prescription

These durable, high quality, extra-flex frames make for a comfortable fit on larger heads. Classic design and strength—now available in prescription.



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Sold Out Coyote Calls Fort Knocks Prescription Sunglasses with Brown Lens, Flyover Coyote Calls Fort Knocks Prescription Sunglasses with Clear Lens, Flyover
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Coyote Calls

Sold Out Shark Week 2024 Fort Knocks Prescription Eyeglasses with Grey Lens, Flyover Shark Week 2024 Fort Knocks Prescription Eyeglasses with Clear Lens, Flyover
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Shark Week 2024



Only the Best Prescription Sunglasses

With their classic wide shape and standout hardware, our Fort Knocks line has always been
here to please. Now we’ve taken it to the next level by finally offering Fort Knocks prescription sunglasses. We know, it’s been a long time coming! There’s a lot here to explore, so let’s unpack what these stylish prescription sunglasses have to offer.

To start, you’ll now be able to customize the look of your prescription lenses as you see fit with five different color options. Clear lenses are also an option, in case you find yourself unable to resist the allure of prescription eyeglasses. If you’re firmly decided on shades, choose between grey, brown, blue mirror, gold mirror, and silver mirror, and personalize your new prescription sunglasses exactly as you see fit.

For all their eye-catching details, these won’t just be pretty prescription sunglasses from the aspect of style. You’ll also get digital lens technology as part of your purchase, which can be carefully crafted to fit prescriptions between -6 and +3 depending on your specific needs. Every pair of lenses also comes with anti-reflective backsides, as well as a scratch-resistant coating, to ensure your new prescription sunglasses can take a little punishment.

Along with these stellar upgrades, our standard UV400 protection and impact resistance are still intact on these stylish prescription sunglasses. You’ll also benefit from polarization for truly breathtaking natural views during your favorite nature walks. Embrace the day and have some fun, all the while knowing you’ll store them safely in their included hard shell case for your next adventure. The sooner you build your favorites, the sooner they’ll be on your way to your doorstep.